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    So, who has not had any problems with their phone?

    the only real problem i had was the phone freaking out from a little surface water. other than that i have been problem free.
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    5 icon dock on 2.0.2?

    kate messed up my phone and wouldn't let me open the phone app.
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    Can't turn off SSH in 2.0.2

    turn off ssh, then hold down the wake/sleep button until it asks for the phone to be shut off, then do so. turn the phone back on and it should work.
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    little wet

    well i got lucky and it dried out and is working again. deathbysnuggles, be safe on that bike. fl drivers a crazy as hell. there the only thing that have scared me so far while riding.
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    little wet

    crap, I just actually put it in a bag of rice :(
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    little wet

    well earlier today my phone got wet when i was walking to class in this tropical storm in florida. at first it wouldn't turn on. then it would turn on then off immediately. not its saying that the charge cord that came with the phone isn't an iPhone compatible product then goes to emergency...
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    Don't use Winpwn

    Don't you need iTunes 7.7 not 7.5 or an I missing something here?
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    it's working for me
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    Anyone having 3G issues in NYC

    I was in NYC last week an my 3g reception sucked donkey balls. I live in south Florida and have 3g every where I go. Hell it's faster than the wifi in my house LOL.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    It did it automatically when I added the theme from customize so I don't know how to change it. Sorry.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

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    Upgrading to 2.0.1

    same problem here. i only poofed stuff i didn't want any ways so it doest bother me. some one said in another thread that you should do a restore to upgrade from a jailbroken to a unjailbroken firmware to keep thing like this form happening.
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    Can you pwn 2.0.1?

    well i updated and the apps that i had hidden with poof are still poofed, lol. not a big deal though
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    Can you pwn 2.0.1?

    i have a jail broken 3g and do i just have the phone update in iTunes to get to 2.0.1?
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    setting up college email?

    Microsoft Office Outlook, I've never heard of windows email before.