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    I seriously need help with my new iPhone 3G

    Zaadi are u using the USB ports on the front of your comp? Those usually give an error when you try to update firmware (I think it's a 13) so I'm thinking that they can sometimes do the same in other cases. Try the ones at the back. P
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    SMS Backup

    Good point shutter. Still I'm not sure if I can afford to take the risk. In my country tech and everything to do with it is ridiculously expensive - especially in this economic climate. P
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    SMS Backup

    I've still been to chicken to jailbreak even though they say these days the chances of your phone bricking are minute. What I wanna know is if they can tell you jailbroke if your restore your original firmware before you take it back for repair or whatever. P
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    SMS Backup

    You are encountering some long standing gripes that iPhone users have with Apple: no copy/paste, no SMS forwarding/editing... The list is actually quite long. Depending on the type of person you are and how u use a mobile, you'll get past them and love the hell outa this phone or you will...
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    App Store Woes

    This is on my phone. P
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    App Store Woes

    My app store app tells me i've got updates waiting, but if I don't update immediately it will later tell me that all my apps are up to date. Then a little later it shows the app updates as available again. Has anyone else experienced this? And more importantly, does anyone know how to fix it? P
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    Random stopping after songs, help

    in the mean time, though as a temp fix to your stoping and fiddling gripe; you could just just press the multi-purpose button on your headphones once to continue play. P
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    iPhone 3G on the table

    Thanks glsda. P
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    iPhone 3G on the table

    Can find the review... Does it make any diff that I'm viewing the page using an iPhone? P
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    Facebook notification

    I have the same prob as ess bee :(. P
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    iPhone 3G on the table

    Speaking of covers and preventing rocking; has anyone heard of/seen the power slider case? It charges the iPhone and adds minimal bulk. It's supposed to more than double the phones battry life... I just wanna know if anyone has tried it, because I wanna buy it, but not before I find out if it's...
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    iPhone 3G can't download music

    Im still interested in downloading music and vids from the Internet. Are there any jailbreak apps that can facilitate this functionality? P
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    Is all hope lost for typical/basic functions?

    I wanna jailbreak, but in my country, it's obscenly expensive do pay for repairs & stuff yourself, so I rely HEAVILY on the warranty with all my phones. With the way Apple takes pleasure in wringing out the last coins from my (/our) wallet, like so many drops of blood from my limp helpless...
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    No Bluetooth after 2.2 upgrade

    Don't mean to be a n00b, but who is this wizard? P
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    Doin' the iPod Shuffle

    thanks jptolife, I didn't even notice those options just hiding away there! That did it! Have no idea how it got turned on there tho... P