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    Otterbox Defender Contest Thread

    I work outside a lot, and this would absolutely help protect my iPhone. Thanks.
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    Win a HardCandy iPhone 4 case

    I would love this for my iPhone. Thanks so much.
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    Win the iPhone 4

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Dumbledore, our cat and I really really want one. Thanks.
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    What is the point of iPhone backups?

    I guess what I really wish is for some application like Sprite Backup or Acronis True Image, so that I can mess up my phone and have the security in knowing that all I have to do is load the 'image' of one of my last good backups. So my phone will be EXACTLY like it was when I created that...
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    What is the point of iPhone backups?

    Ok. I'll look at it closer next time, but I use ewallet to sync to my laptop so I won't loose anything there, the only thing I loose is game scores and such. Everything else I do, has a web or desktop sync component like ewallet or Toodledo via ToDo. I'm assuming after I jailbreak, I don't...
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    iTunes 8 Shows incorrect Apps Amount

    I like the new usage bar in iTunes 8. When I first started using 8, it worked perfectly and showed that I have about 970mb of applications installed. Today I just noticed that it only said 45mb, but all of my apps still worked? It was un-jailbroke and I started that process today, which after...
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    What is the point of iPhone backups?

    I'm 'new' to the iPhone community (since July 11) and since sometime in August I've begun to play with Jailbreaking my 3g and such. But I have yet to figure out what the purpose of the iPhone backup is. Everytime I've ever restored my phone and then used a backup, it doesn't give my anything...
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    ISkin Solo

    Yes those are the questions I have too. Does it stick in your pocket? I'm looking for a thin case that is slick like the iPhone so I can easily pull it in and out of my pocket.
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    Finally! A solution to restoring Cydia apps after a restore

    Ah. So the purpose is just so you don't have to which applications you previously downloaded via Cydia. I don't have that many Cydia applications installed that I can't remember them all. I suppose it is helpful to have it download them for you...but it isn't that big of a deal for me.
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    Finally! A solution to restoring Cydia apps after a restore

    I'm confused. You say "it will reinstall all apps back on the phone" then you say "although it will NOT backup the actual app or its settings." What is the difference? It sounds like you are saying it will and it won't? I'm confused. I thought Appbackup backs up settings and files of...
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    Exchange Email Setup Problems

    Me too. I can't believe that was it. I've been with 2 isp's and 2 different hosting companies with WinMobile phones and those birthdays have been on my Outlook for years. This was never a problem till now, but hopefully now it won't ever be a problem again.
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    iPhone stuck on boot - silver Apple

    any news on this. My iPhone 3g is stuck at the silver Apple. I found the springboard.plst file, but what do I do with it? How do I alter it?
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    iPhone stuck on booting screen (silver Apple sign)

    Are there any fixes like this for iPhone 3g stuck in endless silver Apple boot.
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    Exchange Email Setup Problems

    I finally got all of my problems solved. I finally got the right settings, but even then there were several birthday and anniversary appointments that were created before I was with my current hosting service, so I had to go in and manually recreate those and delete the old ones. A pain in the...
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    coolest theme on Cydia?

    Thanks, Vegasflyby. That's cool. What is the difference between customize and winterboard? Are there manuals or guides for either of these online.