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    This guy from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is not a believer yet

    Yeah, I'm really starting to see that. I was introduced to Apple only because of the iPod, which I bought when I was a freshman in college. Before then, I thought Apple was weird (eek, i know!) and it reminded me of the 80's. Then when I went to school in nyc, everyone from the west coast had an...
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    I think its pretty interesting that Apple removed the "required 2 year contract" from their ads. If the iPhone does not have any rebates or discounts for upgrades or buying a new 2 year contract, it will be the only phone Cingular's ever had that's been that way. I know everybody here is willing...
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    Pricing "rumors"

    Exactly :wink:
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    Pricing "rumors"

    I agree. The iPod certainly is not exclusive at all. EVERYONE has one. This being said, it hasn't lost its appeal, like the RAZR has. I think Apple should get props for that! haha In fact, I think as they made more and more models of the iPod the price went down, so that everyone could afford...
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    AT&T Plan Pricing Structure

    Ok - So really the only difference btw Unity and the plan I have now ( i think i have nation) is the free calls to AT&T landlines? hmmm...I'm ok with my current plan for an iPhone.. right? I'm currently qualified for a phone upgrade through Cingular, and I'm holding out for the iPhone... is this...
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    Apple was better off not sharing details before hand?

    Ooooh thanks so much! I feel like such a iphone-knowledge novice compared to you guys :tounge: So what is this "other" iPhone released by Cisco?
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    Apple was better off not sharing details before hand?

    What is Cisco? It has its own iPhone? I'm so confused! Can someone explain this to me?
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    AT&T Plan Pricing Structure

    That article was a bit confusing for me. Are they saying that the AT&T "Unity" plan will be like Verizon's "In" in that any call made to someone else with the service won't count as minutes? I wonder if Cingular's rollover plan will still be in effect. My family has 4 phones and I am really the...
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    iPhone emulator for Windows Mobile

    What is an emulator? Sort of confused ... :foot:
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    Cost of iPhone service?

    That's a really really good point. There would be no reason to buy the longer contract unless the phone was discounted. I've been a Cingular customer since 2001 and I've never once seen a phone sold there that didn't have at least a rebate if bought with a contract. Usually, the phone would have...
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    Really buying so soon?

    Yeah that would be my main thing. My sister has a Blackberry Pearl - and it's not good for much haha EXCEPT that it takes amazing pictures. Will the iPhone's pictures be of the same quality? I mean the screen is so big and great it would be a shame if the pictures you see in the demos were not...
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    iPhone available at 2000 stores at launch

    My family has had Cingular for FOREVER. What they do - I know for sure - is this; they will definitely give you an upgrade after your 2 year contract is up. But, if you renew at the year and a half mark, you can get the same discount for the upgrade provided you sign on for another 2 yr...
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    iPhone available at 2000 stores at launch

    haha ok I see. I think I could probably wait (eek I know) ... I'm surprised there's no online pre-order option you know?
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    education discount on the iPhone

    I think actually the education discount is for students, but they probably make it available to teachers as well. I know I had to tell Apple which college I'm going to, and they took 10 or 20% off the price of my iPod. It was great! I would guess if you bought the iPhone off of the Apple website...
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    iPhone available at 2000 stores at launch

    Won't we just be able to buy them online? Or is waiting for it to be shipped what everyone doesn't want to deal with?