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    PS3/Wii Style Lines at AT&T?

    Lines LOL good one. Even better... I'm sure we all wish that we were employees at the Apple Store right now.
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    First iPhone 3rd Party Web App

    One Trip Wow... Web Apps and the iPhone isn't really released yet. Cool beans! This delimits the iPhone a little, can't wait to see what else people think of.
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    PS3/Wii Style Lines at AT&T?

    WWDC Conference I was watching the Keynote for WWDC and right near the end is where Steve started talking about iPhone and the release. He slipped something about 6 PM in there if I remember correctly.
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    iTunes Name Change

    Yeh this is true.... but its a bit irrelevant lol
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    Ringtones through iTunes?

    hmm I'll have to look for that... any links?
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    iPhone Alternatives

    I think the n95 looks too much like a transformer or a bop-it, twist-it, open it... But I won't lie, I like its nice features. Verizon has their "Prada" coming out near the end of the summer.. It looks too much like an iPhone in hardware and software... its tempting of coarse and it is as...
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    Suggestions for improvements to Everything iPhone

    Suggestion Chris, would it be possible to link the user back to the page in a forum after they have written a post?
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    Ringtones through iTunes?

    Does anyone know about how ringtones are going to be customizable on iPhone. I thought Apple might open a new section in the store for ringtones? But on the user end, the user could choose a song from the library and set it as a ringtone... like taking a picture from photos and seting it as the...
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    iTunes Name Change

    I have a feeling that iTunes is going to get a name change soon. I mean... first it was music.. then it evolved to music and video. Then there was the syncing of contacts and the calendar. Now it is a thriving media store, and soon it will handle most of the connection between the iPhone and the...
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    iPhone v2.0 wish list

    Widgets Oohhhh. yum! stereo... bluetooth... Something that would be really cool is widget syncing. Custom widgets for your needs and you would Select which ones to download from iTunes. In addition, and Dev community behind it to develop a bunch of them.. of coarse... maybe thats why Apple...
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    Syncing widgets

    Widgets Well, it might be hihgly possible for us to custom select widgets for the iPhone in the future, I don't think they will do it in the first gens.. but WWDC seems to have given us a little glimpse of the future of widgets as apps. Leopard, and Dashcode, and the new safari option for...
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    Does the iPhone have a camera?

    isights Hmm.. if the iSights on the labtops are small enough to fit into the top of the macbooks.... I wonder if... Apple out them in the iPhones too, that would be cool... Maybe instead of flash.. they have lighting compensation... but damn are you sure theres no video?
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    Turn the iPhone into a scanner

    iPhone scanning I agree with pwb503... Apple is going to put in something that would be simple to the user's touch... cool idea! I know that isights can scan and read barcodes though.. and there is an Application that stores all the barcoded items, something like creating a virtual library. it...
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    Anyone want to speculate on VoIP on the iPhone?

    iPhone VoIP I think as time passes, Apple may team up up with someone to do VoIP. Though there might be a simple solution to that. I've always thought it cool to have Skype running on my windows mobile device and carrying it around the house to chat on over WIFI. The dream situation: Apple...
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    Anything similar to iSync for Windows?

    Windows syncing you2... When I used Windows and had a pocketpc there was ActiveSync which is like iSync, but I believe it only syncs window's mobile devices; it was buggy at times too. Gawd, I syncing the iPhone through iTunes will be cool. Ergonomics!:laugh2: