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    iPhone emulator for Windows Mobile

    I wonder if this is what Microsoft has bundled up and will be introducing at the All Things Digital conference tomorrow.
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    What stuff are you gonna get with the phone?

    I don't think Apple would do well with an AppleCare plan that you can just get later if you need it (should it stop working or get half-flushed in the toilet). I definitely hope it covers everything as well because my Treo leaps out of my hands almost daily.
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    What stuff are you gonna get with the phone?

    Your excitement is palpable! Still, I know I'm more excited than you are.
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    Apps syncing with iPhone

    Bluetooth should not be thought of as particularly useful for syncing anything of a significant size. Transferring even a small movie file between devices is likely to take ten minutes or more. I've never been particularly enamoured with Bluetooth, but it can be useful for exchanging vCards or...
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    POLL:Would you buy an iPod if it had all the features of the iPhone except calls?

    iPhone without phone... Well, as long as I could still get the visual voicemail. I guess that would be okay. Wait, No! I too think I'd rather just have the phone bundled in.
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    Engraving on the iPhone

    June 29th? Now is the first time I'm hearing June 29th. I've heard June 11th, 15th, and 20th suggested. From what source are you citing the June 29th date?
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    Multi-touch demo video (non-iPhone)

    "Smart Screens" used by educators? I had a crowd gathered around my MacBook Pro to watch the video and everyone gasped and oohed and awed but my fiance who is an elementary school teacher and confesses excessively about her techno-ignorance. Nevertheless, she had seen something similar and...