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    Question for the iSkin lovers

    Any case/skin you buy is going to add bulk.
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    just bought the new iSkin Revo case

    Just checked the site. You can 360 view the Revo. There is a hole for the headphone jack as well for the speakers....
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    just bought the new iSkin Revo case

    isn't there another thread on this? anyways got nighthawk.
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    what color iskin revo did you get?

    Nighthawk.... bye bye p.o.s. incase...... by the way how's that lanyard? it looks like it plugs into the slot where you dock your phone. is that safe?
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    iPhone didn't give me an End Call button

    It's possessed by Satan....
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    iSkin Revo

    Figures.... Gotta wait for everything for this god forsaken phone...
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    Who DOESN'T Want to Mod their iPhone?

    Not me......I don't want to mod my phone. With everyone modding their phone, mine will be the original. Besides, i'll probably f*@! it up if I try........
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    OMG dropped/lost iPhone off motorcycle.

    Jesus must love you....
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    New All Black iPhone - Vote Silver or Black

    Once you go black, you never go back.... Or once you go black, you're gonna need a f'in wheelchair.
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    Is anyone starting to hate their iPhone?

    I hate that i paid $600 for it..... But a great phone nonetheless..
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    w810i , which was great for me and a razr which i thought was crap.
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    Has anyone seen this?,134730-c,iPhone/article.html if so, sorry....
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    Do you pinch or do you tap?

    when they itch i pinch and roll.
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    Case/Skin for iPhone

    Wait for the Iskin Revo. Another post says is drops the 22nd of this month...
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    iPhone got almost as many looks as the new bride!

    Got any pics of the bride to share?