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    updating contacts.

    So i guess there is no way to clear the auto fill! Unless i do a restore which is a big pain in the ass because i manually manage my music..
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    updating contacts.

    Hey guys.. I think this is going to be a little difficult for me to explain so please bear with me. When i update a contact on my iPhone the original contact information is still some times displayed. For instance my coworker just got a new email address so i went to my iPhone and deleted his...
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    Can I Connect my iPhone to my Xbox 360 to watch movies?

    I do a lot of streaming from my make to my 360 with movies i have ripped.. The ones i have purchased from iTunes always show up as an error.. Will Tversity help me get around this error code ?
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    Address Book and pushing?

    Sometimes when you add a new contact ..You might want to go to the MM settings on your Mac and click syncnow.. There are a few options.. Automactically,everyday,everyhour,and manually.. Not what best fits your needs.. But you can always hit the syncnow button. Just make sure your phone is set...
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    blackberry storm vs iPhone

    Still haven't figured out how to turn off the preview care to enlighten me please.. thanks