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    iOS 5.01 JB questions

    Thanks a lot guys thats kind of what I thought. So no one can download SB settings or anything? I'm happy to have my untethered jb back so I won't complain just wanted to see if I was the only one.
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    iOS 5.01 JB questions

    Ok used redsnow to do the un-tethered jb on my phone the process worked have cydia installed now but it is telling me that it cannot find SB settings I can't down load winter board and other basic apps as well. Keeps telling me that it can't download one package I believe it is a big boss...
  3. T v3 released.

    I used this JB yesterday and it seems to have a huge drain on my battery a hard reset would cool the phone back down but then once a phone call was made it would start to heat up again so I restored my phone last night and now no problems. Anyone else having this issue? I am trying to decide...
  4. T v3 released.

    Ok, must just be everyone on it right now I will wait a bit and see if I have any other luck. I keep getting as Timed Out error message. Thanks again for the help
  5. T v3 released.

    Thanks for the help! I think I will have to restore and try it again. My phone is running hot now. Anyone else had any problems using the new link?
  6. T v3 released.

    Sorry again for what I am sure is a simple process but how exactly do i do that?
  7. T v3 released.

    Had an old 3g JB a long time ago and now I have just JB my 4 with 4.3.3. Cydia looks the same but i can't seem to find any of the apps that seem like they should be on there. I can't even find SBSettings when I search for it. Am I forgetting something?
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    Quick question about the home screen

    Thanks for the help guys
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    Quick question about the home screen

    Ok that is what I thought. Once it is JB'ed is there anything special I have to do as far as apps or just drag and drop?
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    Quick question about the home screen

    I am sure this is some where already on this site and I used to frequent this place a lot more to stay on top of these things but here is my question. With out JB your iPhone 4 is there any way to have one "folder" open up the rest of the apps you have? I would like to be able to see my...