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    Can I get rid of the 'slide to unlock' crap.

    I don't know if u can without jailbreaking, but I don't understand why you would want to. 2 years later I still enjoy it everytime.
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    I leave everyone alone and you break the site

    My Internet went down today for a few hours. I come back and BOOM, EIC reached it's new high and then proceeded to crash the server. Here's to the glass being half-full, iPhone OS 3 and a new high. I copy and pasted that I my iPhone. ;)
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    SIMs 3 is out

    Yeah, I rebooted before and after I installed and haven't had a single crash in about 2 hours of time played.
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    SIMs 3 is out

    Sims three is out. I think it's an excellent port. Post any comments on what you think about it or if your going to buy it.
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    Star Wars in under 4 minutes

    Blasphemy, youngbinks, blasphemy.
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    Stressful Day

    I was layed off in September. I received almost a year of unemployment and two free semesters of college. If you are laid off make sure you take advantage of all opportunities presented to you. I become dismayed when I talk to people on unemployment who just collect andwait it out, but don't...
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    AT&T Office of the President Phone Number

    I was waiting for someone to say it was a rickroll recording.
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    So what do you think will be on the 3rd gen iPhone?

    Don't forget video calls. That would solidify their position in my book.
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    Genie Game.

    wish granted, your work does itself but now your out of a job. I wish Bush was gone already.
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    Genie Game.

    Wish granted but now you have to live in a magic lamp and can only come out when someone rubs it. I wish for 70 degree weather all year.
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    Man Pulls Rocky/Cliffhanger/ForrestGump 4 Fiance! People Flipping Out!

    man, if I was built like that I'd do crazy stuff like that too. Or maybe I'd just keep sitting on the couch and it would go away. Lol
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    Genie Game.

    I wish I knew what I know now, when I was younger.
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    Genie Game.

    Wish granted, but your wish backfires. ;P
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    Genie Game.

    Wish granted but when you dunk it, you break the glass backboard and it falls onto you and you lose the use of your arms so you can never dunk a basketball or a donut again. I wish I didn't have to read my management paper in front of the whole class tomorrow.
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    This or that?

    New York White iPhone 3g or Black