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    Who ****** seriously "sticks with Apple" because of their market share? The suits, that's who.... and Apple users certainly aren't made up of such loyal "businesss only" customers. Don't act like this is some huge surprise that Apple customers feel a sense of "closeness" towards Apple...
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    I certainly hope you all aren't Apple users, because I always considered other Apple users my "bretheren"... if I passed by someone with a MBP we would always give the "Apple" nod... I always enjoyed being a part of the "Apple cult" more because of the community of Apple users rather than the...
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    Daytrade Apple Stock To Get Your $$ Back

    We youngins is stoopid crazy!
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    Daytrade Apple Stock To Get Your $$ Back

    Last time I checked 136 x 1000 = 136,000
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    Daytrade Apple Stock To Get Your $$ Back

    I agree. All my Apple stock tomorrow... gone. (I must say its QUITE a bit too)
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    In The Press: iPhone Rebellion!

    Hey, kitten avatars are hilarious and cute... that must mean you are a pretty clever person, nice pic.
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    Slow iPhone sales = price drop

    Tell this tactic to ***** Sony and their PS3 and maybe I will be watching Blu Ray movies in the near future...
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    Microsoft Zunephone Coming Soon

    Did you even WATCH the video? It's a total gag.
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    I want one

    *caresses iPhone* *looks up* oh hi... *looks down* *caresses iPhone*
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    CNN: "The Steve Jobs Master Plan: iPhone hacking"

    Those damned playground giants always keepin' the little man down..
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    CNN: "The Steve Jobs Master Plan: iPhone hacking"

    Relax... it was jestful. I didn't mean it in a "Macs are better" way, but in a more technical aspect... as in "hacking" is a VERY PC-centric term. If you took it that way and were so offended, perhaps it isn't my bias that should be checked.
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    iPhone interfering with notebook WiFi connection?

    Same problem here... Except with a MBP It won't "kick me off" as I still see full activity in airport, but I will not get any data transfer.
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    CNN: "The Steve Jobs Master Plan: iPhone hacking"

    I am a long time macrumors member, but I figured I'd sign up here and post my 2 cents. Are we, being such hardcore Apple fanatics, completely missing the point OF Apple? The millions spent on ads showcasing the problems macs don't have compared to pc's, the billions spent on making listening...