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    Pay for ring tones?

    I like the idea, too. But I think we should have the option to use other files, also. Ringtone files should sync via iTunes just like music, videos and photos regardless of whether or not those file were purchased from Apple. What if I want to record my own? What if I want an artist that isn't...
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    I dropped my iPhone!

    I have the Incase and have dropped my iPhone twice. BOTH times it landed on one of the top corners where the case doesn't cover it:angry: Screwed up my SIM tray the second time: it's now VERY hard to get he SIM out or back in and the tray isn't quite flush with the top of the case anymore, but...
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    Pay for ring tones?

    I must admit it bothers me. I already paid for the CD, so I can legally put the song on my iPhone/iPod, so why should I have to pay extra to have part of that song play when the phone rings? I don't think this is a copyright issue, just an Apple greed issue. However, I only want 2 , maybe 3...
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    Jawbone or Apple Bluetooth Headset?

    I just replaced my Jawbone with the Apple. It's a much slicker design, sound is better and louder (at least on my end), fits my ear better, looks better. No noise reduction, though. Neither work well in the wind. The dual dock and cable are brilliant!
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    Incase Users Input Needed

    0. Since July4th, same a iPhone 1. None at all 2. n/a 3. Maybe 3 times per week 4. Shirt or pants pocket, sometimes clipped to belt 5. Pens, ID badge, occasional pieces of paper it's the olive canvas and leather model
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    First thing you did with your iPhone?

    Hopped on my bicycle, rode to work even though it was my day off, to activate with one of the PCs there since I didn't have OS 10.4 yet at home.
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    So, how many other people have you seen with an iPhone?

    Only one confirmed sighting here: a surgeon at the hospital where I work. Had it in one of those totally clear plastic cases hanging on his scrubs for all the world to see! Being a bit shy, I prefer to keep mine hidden. Mine has the olive green canvas and leather incase that makes it look even...