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    Original Super Monkey Ball icon

    Thanks I like that one a lot.
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    Home button stopped working

    If you restored to original FW then it sounds like its a problem with the hardware.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Updated with new icons :)
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    I FINALLY did it!

    The one I linked in my post was png, not sure why the uploaded one turned to JPG but it was too small anyway.
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    I FINALLY did it!

    I photoshopped that background for you guys. I edited out some of the objects in the sky and eased the top right sharp edge on the black background. Hope you like it. Edit: Hmm comes up small for some reason let me upload it elsewhere...
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    A modded Buuf2
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    SpringRoll Guide for 2.0 (SummerBoard Alternative)

    First of all I will introduce SpringRoll. SpringRoll is a SpringBoard beautifier by Yanik Magnan. It's meant to be a transitional tool while users wait for a new version of SummerBoard or Customize. It allows you to change icons, status bar, dock, badge, and sliders. Only problem with it is so...
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    Cydia apps.

    You know that if/when comes out its only going to have about the same amount of apps or less. Cydia is most likely going to replace
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    EIC Review an App, Win More Apps Contest!

    Does it have to be a paid app?
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    NES on iPhone 3G jailbreaked with pwnage.

    Almost any FTP client should work. NES is working great for me. :)
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    Jailbreak iPhone 3G 2.0 on Windows

    2. Make sure you have iTunes 7.7 installed. For vista: Click start then copy the directory into the search box and press enter. For XP: Click start and click run, then copy the directory into the run box and press enter. Directory: %appdata%\Apple Computer\iTunes
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    Ok, Dowloading Jailbreak...wanna make sure we (me and other newbs) are clear....

    1. You should be able to back up your iPhone by right clicking it under the library panel in iTunes. 2. Summerboard is not available for 2.0 yet but should be eventually.
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    GUIDE: Jailbreak iPhone 3G 2.0 (Windows)

    And you can restore all your apps/contacts/etc..?
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    GUIDE: Jailbreak iPhone 3G 2.0 (Windows)

    This works with the 3g iPhone not just the v1?
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    PWNGE TOOL 2.0 is OUT NOW! Somebody with a 3G try it out and report please

    Beat me too it, if anyone can post a mirror that would be nice. I will keep trying.