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    It's finally happened.

    Odd, I just noticed 5 dead pixels on my 3G today...... they sometimes change color as well....
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    Had enough of the crApp store. I'm jailbreaking again.

    Thanks! But I have a Mac......:gasp:
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    Had enough of the crApp store. I'm jailbreaking again.

    Yes, I was actually happier with my 3G phone when I jail-broke it. The AppStore really lacks in anything I really need. Its a shame! Video Recording is important for me so I will definitely jailbreak 2.1 when the software comes out. And I totally miss Mac-Man!
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    Anybody agree with the lawsuit?

    I understand the person is mad, and I guess its her right to file a lawsuit. I was curious though, if you return the phone because of its problems and whatnot, can u legally cancel your AT & T contract also? i know a lot of people who signed up for AT&T just for the 3G and now don't want it...
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    3G in NYC

    I've been in Miami almost a week and cannot believe the speeds I'm getting! It's a totally different phone. 3G speeds of 1400kbps. There is something wrong with AT&T in new York and long island. Since it came out I never had speeds that high there. and I'm posting this from my iPhone which I...
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    3G in NYC

    I think many people are getting this problem. I was in NYC all last week and got very spotty 3G and sometimes none at all. I am now in Miami (south beach) and getting speeds of at least 619kbps up to 1300kbps with 3G. SO maybe its AT & T and not Apple?
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    3G data speeds suck?

    UPDATE: I was in NYC last night and met a guy who had V1 iPhone. I asked him to do a speed test- his came back 59kbps on Edge my phone came back 46kbps on G3 ...... with 3 bars.
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    3G data speeds suck?

    in my house, i get no 3G , just Edge. And the speed test showed it at 25 kbps Umm..... should i be worried
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    Has anyone given up on 3G?

    I have 3G off at all times because it is sooo spotty. I have so many dropped calls, its totally annoying! My edge connection is not as fast, but its more reliable at this point. So does anyone else leave 3G off unless using youtube/internet?
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    My text doesn't make a sound anymore when I receive them?

    Same here. I get silent text messages.......... ahhhhhh! Also, more crashes on YouTube and Safari then I used to get on V1. Oy!
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    I know it's been discussed before...

    Don't trust that. My exact location shows "Best" coverage, and it most definitely is not. Dropped calls at least 15 times a day and constant Edge/3G switchbacks. Edge is way more reliable than 3G at this point.
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    AIM 1.1 what new?

    The only thing new for me is that it crashes more often....
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    The THUNDEROUS SILENCE of this forum

    Yeah, Im getting at least the same battery life as v1(with 3g and wifi on). don't know what all the fuss is about.
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    My phone is a freaking lightsaber!

    leave flashlight alone!
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    These speeds...

    Umm that site completely crashes my iPhone everytime, when on WIFI.