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    Verizon unveils iPhone rival Voyager Some pix of it.. Personally i think it is too bulky...not a big fan of it. Ill stick with the iPhone!:laugh2:
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    About That So Called "STORE CREDIT"

    The Reason Apple is doing the store credit is simple. Think about it. It would cost them less to just have a customer spend store credit instead of Apple dishing out cash. It doesn't cost Apple nearly as much to manufacture their products. In the end Apple is happy and the customers are happy. I...
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    iTunes 7.4 Ends Free Ringtones (for now)

    7.4 is crap IMO. I made the mistake of updating..and lost my ringtones... so now im waiting on iPhoneringtonemaker to make their magic happen.
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    iTunes 7.4 Problems

    So i updated to 7.4 and I wished that I didn't. Now my phone wont sync at all. When i pulg up the iPhone, iTunes opens up and says it is syncing. But it syncs for 10 min and then it freezez on me.. anybody else having these sort of problems?TIA
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    Just because it is refurbished doesn't mean it was broken/bad phone. It can simply mean that the customer didn't like the phone and brought it back to the store. So thats where "refurb" comes in because they cant resell it as new.
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    iPhone earpiece

    I've had the Jawbone for a little over a month now. Use it everyday (only when Im driving of course). To make a long story short, it is the best blue tooth I have used and couldnt be happier with it. Noise cancellation is on by default and works like a charm Ex. windows down doing 80mph and...
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    What iPhone Feature Do You Use Most?

    alarm clock kicks ass on this favorite feature is the snooze because you can reach over and just tap the screen and get 10 more min of sleep.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    whats new in this update... I don't notice anything different... anybody else discover any new features or what the bug fixes were?
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    yes, and not to bring the bad news, neither has the Maps. I saw some people posted that when you pinch outward the map would jump to some random place. Sorry to be bearer of bad news, but it still does it. :frown:
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    Nope, still as a camera... no drive :frown:
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    Nope that worked before..
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    Low Battery Indicator

    IIRC somebody on here said that if you do a restore the battery meter will become more accurate. Mine used to do it as well, but I had to restore for some odd reason that i forget to remember and the battery indicator works fine. I don't know if thats what fixed mine or it just fixed itself. Good...
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    SIM card problem!

    sounds like you forced it in the wrong way? i would get something a little stirtier than a paper clip and try to take it out again and make sure it aligns on the tray the way it should be.
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    Everything I Expected....

    Yep this is a great place now that the "rugrats" and "trollers" have somewhat seemed to stop with their usless/negative comments. Im on here every day, and try to learn something new while at it. That is what makes it fun, informative, and good reading. So, Thanks to All for all the great posts...
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    Third Party iPhone Battery Replacement For $25-$65

    For an extra $25 ill just send it to Apple and have piece of then ill probably buy the new iPhone (if one decides to come out by then)