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    Query about Podcast

    I think the check box function is when you are listening to songs and you don't want the next song to play you uncheck it & it will skip that song. If you want to sync just the checked songs etc you need to plug your ipod into your computer then go to the summary, it should say 'Only sync...
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    iTunes Accepting PayPal

    I tried signing up for iTunes tonight & it went to Step 3, I clicked continue and did everything it told me. I got iTunes on my approved part of paypal and then it's like I couldn't finish signing up. I e-mailed iTunes but was wondering perhaps am I doing something wrong?
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    iPod Video Questions.

    Okay I have an 30GB Ipod Video. I have no idea how to get videos onto my ipod. I know that you can purchase them on iTunes but is there any way to put a dvd that you own into your drive & get the files off and put them on your ipod? If so, how do you do this? Thanks! Also I was wondering if...