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    Show us your lock screen

    I like to go fast...
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    Will iPhone be sync with MS Outlook?

    I'm sure I read that it wouldn't work with Outlook's push mail server (whatever its obscure M$ name is). One of the Tech blogs (Engadget?) talked about this being a deal-breaker for many corporate applications.
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    Quick Question About the Keypad

    I really can't wait for the first production iPhones to be in the hands of reviewers (should be some time before the release, I would imagine) so that we can stop speculating and get some real answers to these questions. I have endless questions about the interface and user experience, and...
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    Display in Apple Stores?

    I'll want to not only see one, but hold one an operate it for a while before I make the decision to buy. Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE Apple fanboy... but I'm just not convinced that I need the iPhone, or that it's the right device for me. But I'm prepared to be won over by an excellent build...
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    MP3s as Ringtones: Does it really matter?

    I certainly don't care about ringtones either. I'm with those of you who have their phone on vibrate all the time, and can't stand obnoxious ringtones.
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    iPhone is iCandy

    There really isn't anything except the LG Prada phone that competes with the iPhone on looks... but I can't help feeling that it's one hell of an expensive phone if it doesn't do corporate push email. I can't bare the idea of having to carry a "work phone" and my iPhone just because the iPhone...
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    From (enter device) to iPhone - Switchers!

    I just got a nice new HTC 8525 from work... so I guess I'll have the HTC in one pocket, and the iPhone in the other.
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    iPhone Dock With Headset Slot

    I'd completely forgotten about the Apple blutooth headset... and I was just about to buy a BT headset too. Lucky I waited, since I'm sure the Apple version will be superior to anything I would have found.
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    iPhone in the gym

    There's nothing I like less than exercising next to someone on their phone. Having an iPhone wouldn't make loud-mouthed phone-addicts at the gym any more acceptable.
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    Dvorak Claims iPhone Battery Lasts 40 Minutes

    Are we sure the battery is sealed in? I know that's a very Apple thing to do, but all the same, somehow a cellphone with no replaceable battery seems even worse than an iPod with no (user) replaceable battery.
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    Has anyone seen LG's new wanna be iPhone?

    Wannabes may irritate you, but they shouldn't worry you. The iPod wasn't the first mp3 player, was much more expensive than the competition, and is the most widely imitated consumer electronics product on the market, but it still wins hands-down in terms of market share. The iPhone will do the...
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    No Contract Required?

    If Apple really plans on shifting 10 Millon or more iPhones (a figure I heard on some Apple fanboy site or other... or possibly the Wall Street Journal!) they'll have to come up with something special when it comes to voice+data plans. The fact is that most phone users don't have data plans...