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    Beta 3 Features & Bugs

    Bug: App store prompts to connect to wifi when already connected to wifi.
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    Logitech V470..

    I have been using a mighty mouse for a few months, and haven't had the scroll ball problem. And I use it. A lot.. I got a Logitech V470 a bit under half a year ago to use with my normal laptop and I think it's a very good mouse. However it seems like pressing my wheel for the middle mouse button...
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    BlueAnt V1 vs. Jawbone 2

    I think Jawbone's hype online is exactly that. The noise collection I assume is the best on the market. I think it may be too good in most cases. A lot of times people told me that I cut out or it was hard to hear me when I was in quiet atmospheres. I only have used it in my car or my house.I'm...