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    Facebook on iPad

    Found this for you: Go to your facebook account, click on link for birthdays or events, scroll down to export and click, copy link, open up your google calendar and click to add calendar, select web URL and paste the link from facebook in. Set up google sync for your iPhone or iPad by going to...
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    Do you guys use a case?

    I used to...but not after I found out my iPhone looks much cooler without a case :P
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    Is there a 3rd party Facebook app

    Could you please rephrase? I believe you missed a verb between "an" and "item".
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    The 7 types of iPhone Owners

    I'm a cheap overuser :P
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    16, 32, or 64GB? Which and why?

    I've been using iPhone 4 for 2 years and I still have 10 G free to use. So I'll stick to 32G :P
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    How to decline calls in locked screen?

    I just let it ring when I don't want to pick it up (my ringer is always on silence) :)
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    Biggest disappointment about the iPhone 5?

    +1. Indeed.
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    iSheep (or, how different are we really) :-)

    That's when an unique iPhone case comes in...
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    iO6 - Should I upgrade?

    I can't wait to use Passbook!