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    iPhone and voicemail

    Voice mail this would be a plus for the on the go businesss users like myself whom need to check there voicemail constantly during businesss hours:laugh2: 9-5.
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    iPhone and voicemail

    Question: On the iPhone during peek hours and a voicemail is left, The iPhone links it somehow to where you can listen to your voicemail right from your phone without dialing out. Does this cost on your peek min or is there no charge. Seems the iPhone downloads the voicemail if you...
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    Can I use my Motorola HS850 BT headset with an iPhone

    i have just posted a problem with the hs700 bluetooth and iPhone. try to call someone using your bluetooth, tap the button you will not hear nothing everything is manual not like the other phones where you will hear a response after tapping the bluetooth headset like say a name or number. you...
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    iPhone and Bluetooth

    I have just received my iPhone and everything works great. One problem i have is the bluetooth headset. When working i am unable to touch my bluetooth button and make a call while my phone is in my holster all i get is dead air. It works with incomming calls but you have to make your calls...