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    Help with jailbroken iPhone 4 stuck on Emergency Screen and Connect to iTunes

    I have an iPhone 4 jailbroken with ( on T-Mobil running 4.0.1, now I have a mess. The phone is stuck on the emergency screen/connect to iTunes screen. I have all my blobs saved on TinyUmbrella. I have been told to get an official AT&T sim card to trigger into homescreen and...
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    Poll: What do you think the secret app will be?

    You can still purchase the iPhone at any AT&T Store or the Apple Store. The memory stick must be purchased at the Apple Store. I am getting an iPhone manual on Wed. this week. The phone on the 15th,,I can't wait, it is going to be awesome...
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    Poll: What do you think the secret app will be?

    Revealed 3 Extras 1. Memory Stick/memory drive to add more memory to iPhone, sold only at Apple Stores or online at 2. Add personal credit card information to use iPhone at swipe card stations 3. UHF and VHF television capabilities I just heard this from a very reliable...