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    Early Launch. Apple orders parts.

    Why doesn't Apple stock pile the phone, just like xbox and nintendo they ranout in the first day.
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    Loading media into iPhone (Windows Mobile ?)

    If you have the media saved it is very easy to transfer.
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    Will iPhone have voice recognition?

    a lot of phones have some sort of voice recongition, but its not great, so it doesn't really matter if it has it or not.
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    Will the iPhone come down in price?

    Apple has a system, when normal companies would drop the price, Apple adds a new feature and makes the system better.
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    Vibrating alert?

    the vibrate function drains the battery of the phones, so i don't really care if it has it or not.
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    Only Cingular?

    people always bash cingular, but they are more reilible then verizon, at least by me. my only complant is that they do not have unlimited text messaging.
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    Battery only 5 hours?

    its 5 hours of talk time what about listening to music, how long then?
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    iPhone with Apple TV

    i heard the same rumor, but it isn't true. Apple is planing on making a different controller to be compatible with the itv.
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    AppleTV Review

    Apple tv i saw that do think that Apple will make it compatible with windows, or will microsoft mkae something simaliar?
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    How to get out of your 2yr phone contract.

    if you have a family plan is it possible to cancle just one phone on the plan.
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    Skins for the iPhone?

    Apple Apple will most likely make different coloors and designs, but later to try and attract more people.
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    Predictive text feature

    t9 it most likely works like the T9 function on most cell phones today, you type the letter, but without pressing the key over and over to get to the desired letter.
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    Online the pricing for the iPhone is around 600$, but if you are upgrading or starting a new plan will the price be different.
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    Can iPhone sync wirelessly with Outlook 2007?

    Most likely With all the new microsoft software, the iPhone is most likely going to sync up. Since it is really just a ipod mixed with a blackberry.