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    Safari cuts out...

    Sorry but how do you clear the cache?
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    Safari cuts out...

    Everytime I open a website and then hit a link my Safari shuts down and it goes back to the main springboard. Its frustrating as I attempt to say enter a zip code for a location search and poof its gone so I re-start Safari and it does it again. Sometimes it takes 6 or 7 times for it to work.
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    How close are you to an Apple Store?

    Closest is 68 miles away in Orlando.
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    Freeze/crash to black then stuck at Apple logo load screen

    I was just in the hospital 3 hours ago with my mom in the ER. I had a call from her doctor and in the middle it just stopped and went to the black screen then to the Apple logo! I'm PISSED! This is ridiculous and I had to ask for a nurse to make the call for me which went to an answering...
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    I know it's been discussed before...

    So how do u know (without turning on/off) whether you have a good enough 3g signal? Is there an app?
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    I know it's been discussed before...

    Cool because I've had it on 3g and I constantly drop calls. It didn't happen with my v1 in the same locations.
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    I know it's been discussed before...

    But is it normal for the 3g to take the signal so far down? Is there a technical reason why? As soon as i turn my 3g off I go from barely 1 bar to full bars. Just curious...
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    What's your ringtone?

    Every Man by Casting Crowns
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    3rd Party apps won't work!

    is there a reboot app kinda like sys info on installer...
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    3G freezes all the time!

    My gen 1 was 1.1.4 j/b att and I had it loaded with apps. It never gave me any problems. I multi-tasked and it was very responsive. Now I also have a 3g and it freezes about 30 times a day. I have restored and left it with no apps and it still freezes. It usually happens when texting but...
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    just upgraded to 2.0

    I've had a j/b 1.1.3 for awhile and I finally upgraded to 2.0 tonight. my question is "why in the app store does it ask for user/password and where do I make one? I've been searching the forum and all over my phome but I am missing it. Please be so kind as to assist me with this. I had lots of...
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    ordered mine 3 days ago 16g

    Ok I took the plunge. I am upgrading from my j/b 1.1.3 8 g to the 3g. I'm told the entire phone system runs faster, not just the internet. True?
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    3G iPhone (my view)

    I just can't understand why Apple holds back and only gives us a partial upgrade. I was hoping for a lot more.
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    ZiPhone Question? Look here before you post a new thread!

    So, manofthedark would you stay with the 8g or upgrade? Just your opinion if it was you. I have ZERO issues with my 8 but better battery life would be cool and if it was any faster. Anyone else who have upgraded chime in? BTW I've got my plan issues ironed out if I do upgrade. It's just...
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    ZiPhone Question? Look here before you post a new thread!

    I don't want to screw up my killer plan which I negotiated when I went w/ a family plan and bought 3 more phones. Sorry to be confusing but i appreciate the help...