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    How do I create folders in Gmail email on iPhone?

    Imap is now out for Gmail . so don't worry it will be able to work the way you want shortly . If you go to settings you should see the tap for forwarding / imap if it isn't there then give it a few days for them to update everyone . but it is on its way .
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    Carrier Logo Request Thread

    Can someone make me one that says WiCkEdOnE82 in Black with a blue glow with a cool font please. and can someone please tell me how to add these to my phone .im not sure where this file goes. thanks in advance
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    Third Party Apps for iPhone Confirmed!

    This is great news finally some Apple back support with some of our wants and needs ! +1 for Apple I have personally never heard of handheld viruses and i work in the wireless phone industry . * i wont say who i work for now but i am thinking about going to att if things stay on the path...
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    Gmail error msg

    good question i have gotten that lately also . 2 times yesterday to be exact .
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Count me in on the fl list , i live in Palm beach , FL which is about 1hr to 1 1/2 hrs north of miami 2 hrs south of orlando but i spend a lot of time in orlando and lake wales * yeehaw junction *
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    1.sync question adding question

    Well i am running on a Pc and id like a free program at best Everytime i copy a dvd to the ipod with dvdfab and iTunes the words don't match up . the audio is off really bad.
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    1.sync question adding question

    OK , my girlfriend and i both have the iPhone and my roommate has a ipod and we all have our own computers with our own music movies etc. Is there away to sync my iPhone to my buddies iTunes without having to erase all the data in my phone at the same time ... he has the season of robot...
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    New To iPhone and have a few questions

    OK first thing is where do i find the bluetooth feature on this phone . i cant seem to find it any where . ok my biggest problem is that when i transfer pix using iTunes to my phone some of them come out nice and others are mangled / distorted . Why is this ? is there a way to fix this and...
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    How do I add pictures

    not to thread jack but i just got the iPhone a few days ago and i am learning as i go , but i have a important question . why when i transfer pix from my pc to my iPhone through iTunes a lot of the pictures are distorted or mangled for lack of a better term . please help this is driving me...