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    How do I install Tzone hack

    Would like to help, what do you mean by the TZone "Hack"? If you mean the Edge settings try If you mean TZone Fixes you can also add Does this help?
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    what. the. hell.

    You're right of course, I was focusing on the springboard string prob. Unfortunately I have no idea how to solve your prob. Hope someone can help you here soon.
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    Customize + Summerboard question 1.1.3

    ...posted an issue with V 1.21 didn't fix it. Hope a new version comes out soon. Meanwhile I'll keep searching the directories and changing the attributes until it works. The funny thing is, some things work, some not. springboard strings will most probably not work for...
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    IP address of my iPhone?

    Good idea JoeT (if you're "online"). Or install BIG BOSS > BossPrefs where you can also switch everything on and off (i.e. EDGE/WiFI, Bluetooth, SSH etc.)
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    what. the. hell.

    similar tweak: In customize I cannot change the springboard text string. I've modified all the attributes I can think of, but so far to no avail. Any ideas?
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    Customize 1.13 - must change permissions for it to work!

    HE? There is no PW für Root. Are you using WInScP or similar?
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    Customize 1.13 - must change permissions for it to work!

    Customize is visible on my 1.1.3. OTB but unfortunately I cannot change anything with the springboard strings. I noticed this trying to install the Golf Ball PICS via SSH. They are all there and in the right place, Changing Themes and Pics are OK, it's just the text string, i.e "slide to unlock"...