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    Help! On screen temperature warning.

    I had the weirdest thing happen. I got a call from a number I didn't recognize, from Danbury CT. Phone number (203)733-1753. A warning popped up on the screen giving a warning saying that the phone needed to cool down before use. I'm in an air conditioned house, so the phone isn't hot. I had to...
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    Help with activation question?

    Sims Is that really needed? The phone comes with a new sim. Won't activating under my account in iTunes just kill my old phone even though technically it's her upgrade?
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    Help with activation question?

    I am using my wife's upgrade to get the phone. If I activate it under my iTunes account, it won't cause any problems with hers will it? She is on the east coast, and I can't brick her phone. She will be without a phone for work, and be pissed off. Thanks guys
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    Sorry to bring bad news. FedEx has been instructed to hold until the 24th.

    My information is direct from fedex. I hope that it's not true.
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    Sorry to bring bad news. FedEx has been instructed to hold until the 24th.

    Sorry guys. FedEx has been instructed to not let our new toy be delivered on the 23rd. They will be delivered on iday. :(
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    any orders lately?

    Apple is wide open now. You guys should be ok. I just got through 4 times in a row for various family members. It took all day to get to this point, but it should be alright now.
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    Current 3G owners -- will we qualify for the 3GS?

    I just cracked the screen on my 3g, so I was really looking forward to replacing it. I'm still looking forward to replacing it, just not with AT&T. They are foolish to not allow an upgrade. I've been done with cell carriers for less. I believe they will be losing me over this. Shame! I love the...
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    East coast people. Can I get two?

    I've seen people are being held to one! Has anyone actually been able to get two?
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    They Have Arrived!

    I'm finally in line Well, I got off work and just got to the Apple store here in reno,nv. I scored spot number 8. So I'm totally going to be ok. Now for the hard part. A 9 hour day of waiting.
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    Surprises Waiting for Everyone....

    I know what the surprise is! Ok people here is the deal. I just got off the phone with Steve Jobs himself, and he made me promise not to leak this, but I had my fingers crossed. Apple and nasa have partnered. The surprise is that the first 2000 people in line at each location will get to walk...
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    Apple Store Stock Check!

    Stock check Ok, there is something that I am lost on here. Is this check going to give us a number of phones that were actually received by the store, or just that little green dot? People are bringing up 9pm. Why? Cheers, Jason