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    Can't uninstall wallpaper fix

    Zip that file up and upload it to a site like or rapidshare. Post the link and I'll download it to solve your problem. U can rename the .jpg to .txt to see what's inside, its pretty neat what u can do through installer! Once I edit that file for you, I'll post Step 2 of the fix to...
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    Change Springboard pages without swiping

    Don't remember stock iPhones doing this. I woulda posted in the third party forum otherwise.
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    ZiPhone 2.5 just released

    I didn't quite understand why Zibri said not to fear the 3.9BL over the 4.6 version? I'm not an unlocker, do I need to care what bootloader I'm on?
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    1.1.4 with all my apps back!

    my iPhone still has x666x's cookie. I may leave it as a cool way to differentiate between desktop and iPhone posts.
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    1.1.4 with all my apps back!

    I'd warn everyone to use that patch at your own risk. If it works like I think it does, then it may have the potential to make things a little confusing later on when the real 1.1.4 updates are released.
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    J/B 1.1.4 shows 1.1.3

    If theres an app/tweak to let you install 113 apps, its probably altering the plist that says which firmware you're on. U would suspect uninstalling that mod or running the app again would restore the 114 settings.
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    Hosting my own Source for a bit :)

    Yeah, I just totally forgot I didn't add some new wallpapers to the Source XML after I posted. lol! I got the "More Info" pages done and got so excited I posted thinking I could take it Live already... Welp, got one more wallpaper to code and then test and then I'll have a new Source URL...
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    Hosting my own Source for a bit :)

    Alright folks, I want to first thank everyone who helped out and offered suggestions with my first source. Unfortunately its time to bring her down, but don't worry I'm replacing it with a new and better one :) I will be making an announcement regarding the new source on my main account x999x...
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    iPhone officially jumps the shark! (Well if it wanted to)

    The amount of applications available are mind numbing, really. When it comes down to getting answers, work done, or number crunching, the more native ways of doing it, the merrier imho. Graphically speaking, the OS is dated, but on the plus side Palm is much more cohesive with Apple's thinking...
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    iPhone officially jumps the shark! (Well if it wanted to)

    This is a proof of concept of a touch running Palm OS. Theres no beta, and no official word on anything, but you can bet I'm crossing my fingers for this one. I've got mountains of old Palm software I'd love to have access to on my iPhone. Begin crossing your fingers this gets released!
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    Email not deleting from Outlook

    You can go ahead and sync, iTunes backs up every time you do. I don't think iTunes will try to restore the mail account, just keep your contact info.
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    iTunes 7.6.1?

    I haven't noticed anything fishy going on, I updated the second it went live! The changes looked like bug fixes if anything, just read the change log.
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    Email not deleting from Outlook

    I read through your posts and maybe I missed it, but have you tried removing your problematic email account and adding it again as a new one? I have noticed some permissions problems with iTunes and it's backups. My friend's email wouldn't open, it would just show a white screen and close. He...
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    Hosting my own Source for a bit :)

    I just PM'd you back and realized if you'd like to share some of these yourself I could go over the Installer Source xml with you and get you up and running with your own source. It may compliment what you're doing with the Wallpapers, as I've just realized I could upload a wallpaper and...
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    iPhone is a mouse

    I don't see the benefit of this app at all other than "Why? Because I can" to be honest. I just can't find a practical use for this outside of a Media Center PC.