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    Read Hotmail with

    Yes, it will simultaneoustly check all accounts you have setup in It olso will let you reply from your e-mail address where the e-mail was received on. And why you need a piece of third-party software if you can check and write hotmail from your own phone?
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    Read Hotmail with

    I was fed up with having to go to the hotmail website and sign in to be able to view my emails, so I had a look around the internet and tried various alternatives, but eventually struck gold with In Mail, add a new account (in the Accounts section of its preferences) and choose a POP3...
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    The new eic.

    That is a hard one; Write it down and then enter it in your rss app on the iPhone.
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    Apple make MMS!

    I found not long ago an slightly change on Wikipedia about the history list of the iPhone firmwares. Click here to see the article on Wikipedia. Browse down to 2.3 and you'll see the text "MMS Functionality and Capabilities". I do not know if its true but it seems that around the internet, more...
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    another rumor

    Errr.. Too late, It was a hoax, comfirmed a few days ago.
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    I know you won't actually read it but....

    I was writing a reply so long as 4 topics long, but then I remind me not to merge in religion topics, Anyways. To not spoil it; Welcome back OJ!
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    Adobe Flash Player?

    Amazing that something as important as a flash player for iPhone and Adobe doesn't think it is important enough to have any current news since Mar 2008. Many of us want flash to be supported on the iPhone. We just have to wait, I geuss..
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    Is there any way that Apple can tell an iPhone has been JailBroken?

    If you do a full restore and set up as a new iPhone there is absolutely no way Apple can tell. Restores deletes the entire memory of the device and restores it back to factory setting. The iPhone would be back at the stage it was when your first open that sweet black/white box. But; this...
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    I found a bug, i found a bug.

    Yup. Its comfirmed that this is a bug.
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    plain and SIMple, what'd you get on BF?

    Tree songs from iTunes :)
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    Now its 6:47 AM in the morning.. // EDIT: Uh crap, now its 6:48 AM in the morning..
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    Rumored 2.3 firmware

    Last friday, Apple (yup, they're still around), released the 2.2 firmware, but 3 days later, an french mac website shot on telling everybody that on 08-12-08 the 2.3 firmware is going to be released for beta testing. The update should have the follow items included: - Horizontal display for...
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    This is fucked up. First Bernie Mac and now Isaac Hayes?!
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    Nimbuzz was around before those applications like Palringo and Fring. But not before MobileChat. Anyways. Its a nice free application that does the job very well.
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    Apple make MMS!

    Welcome to nobody cares NickT916.