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    Home button stopped working

    Hey, that's cool didn't try it out before. I've had troubles with my Home button not being responsive before and a hearty calibration seems to fix the issue too: Step 1: Launch one of the stock apps on your iDevice (Weather, iTunes, Stocks, etc.). Step 2: Press and hold the power button...
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    Sync contacts from iPhone to Outlook?

    iTunes syncs both ways. The changes made last (regardless whether on the PC or on the iPhone) will be pushed to both the iPhone and the PC. So if you added 30 contacts to your iPhone over the past six months, these 30 contacts should be added to your Outlook on your work PC.
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    How do I delete songs from my iPhone?

    This will work for all iOS versions and will delete all songs at once. 1. Press and hold the Shift button while starting iTunes 2. Click "Create library" 3. Connect your iDevice and sync your iTunes library with it - The empty iTunes will remove all multimedia contents from your new iDevice...
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    iPod Touch can't connect to IMAP/smtp server

    It looks like a Gmail problem to me rather than an iOS-related one. Try connecting with different port numbers.
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    Woodcarved case

    Hi guys, I am looking to pimp my iPhone up with a classy wood-carved case. A couple of years ago there was a very cool company which produced tailored wood-carved iPhone cases (probably there are many now) but they were the first to do that which I knew of. However, I could totally not...
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    1980s retro case

    This one is amazing is it out in the wild already?
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    How to transfer iTunes library from Windows to Mac?

    np, Keir. Of course, you can always use the manual way that Apple proposes. It, however, requires much more concentration (and a bit of luck) compared to using specially designed tools that do the job in one go.
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    How to transfer iTunes library from Windows to Mac?

    well, Keir - there you can do this the manual way by following these Apple instructions: Warning the Apple way is quite bulky and risky. You can try an easier way with a third-party progarm. More instructions here...
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    Any websites to watch full length free movies on iPhone?

    megaupload is a good website (paid) for streaming video content.
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    How to tranfer music from library to iPhone

    If you are using iTunes, point to your iPhone, when connected. In the Device section, from the Music tab, make sure that "Sync Music" and "Entire music library" are both connected. Also, go to Apps tab and see if your PC is, indeed, authorized.
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    iTunes- Dell-Mac please help

    Hm, you can transfer your iTunes library from your old PC to your new Mac using third-party software as well. Check out this link for a guide on how to do it:
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    Can't Sync

    if you update to iOS 5, you must also upgrade to the Beta version of iTunes (10.5) which is not currently publicly available.
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    Can't Sync

    Point to your device and click on the Music tab. From there, make sure you have the Sync Music tickbox enabled and you have also ticked Entire music.
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    How to delete songs

    Keep this iTunes guide for future reference should you experience the same issue:
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    Can I delete music library?

    Also, should you need to quickly remove multiple duplicate tracks in your iTunes library, you can review this iTunes guide :