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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    The update erased my contacts in the process of applying/syncing, even though I haven't done any hacks of any sort on my phone.
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    Possible iPhone update today?

    Since one of the things Steve Jobs announced at the Mac event this afternoon was one touch uploading to a .Mac web album from the iPhone, it would seem like there will be an iPhone update today to add this capability. Hopefully they will add some other under the hood fixes, but it seems pretty...
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    You and your iPhone pics WARNING(iPhone users many images)

    This is me, my iPhone's not in it but oh well :p enjoy edit: well, it's being a douche and won't just insert the picture into the post, makes it a link instead.
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    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    My iPhone is a 5 series screen, and while the screen looks fantastic the phone is insanely quiet, and I find myself constantly wishing for more volume in calls. Plug in the headphones, however, and calls are blaringly loud and I have to turn down the volume. I see no reason this can't be...
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    Emails I send come in as new ones

    I made sure that was turned off. This still happens.
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    Emails I send come in as new ones

    Anyone know how to fix this? Anytime I send an email using iPhone, it takes that email that I just sent and brings it in the Inbox as a brand new mail. Annoying for sure.
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    Honest questions answered.

    Yeah I saw this, such crap that in order for them to transfer the contacts for you you need to purchase a flash drive from AT&T. Good way to make a buck for two button presses.
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    MMS and IM available on I-Day!

    This is my #1 wish for the first software update.
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    AT&T Employee Question about contract extensions

    It seems to me that from how it's worded in there you could just buy a phone at promotional pricing, then get the iPhone and your contract would just be the original 2 years. There's really no drawback to trying this, if you check the online account thing and it says you have a 4 year contract...
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    After the reviews...

    Are you kidding? Stereo bluetooth rocks, especially with the new Motorokr S9 headphones, they are small and sound great. I was especially looking forward to an iPod that could be used with them =(
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    After the reviews...

    Don't think this is an anti-iphone post, it's not. I've wanted the iPhone ever since the announcement day, and I've been pretty much willing to look past the lack of 3G/GPS etc. beaten to death points. But the new stuff we learned today - camera can't take video, ringtones can't be used AT ALL...
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    Will multiple languages be supported by iPhone?

    Heh have you ever seen the OSX program Monolingual? It removes all the additional langauges from your OSX install, and when all said and done it usually ends up saving me over 2GB of space, so they do add up quite a bit.
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    What version of os X?

    It's most likely a derivative of 10.5, as iPhone supports Core Animation, which is new to Leopard.
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    Proof of 80GB iPhone from Apples website?

    The current 30GB iPod is an actual hard drive. But with that said, SanDisk makes a 32GB flash chip, can anyone say last minute upgrade? :tounge:
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    Apple Releases iPhone Activation Video

    Yeah I really hope one of the remaining surprises before Friday is the announcement that you will be able to use your music as ringtones for people, I can't imagine how disappointing it will be if you have no choice but Apple's limited canned ringtones.