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  1. Adam1389

    After 3 years, I'm back to iPhones.

    3 years ago I switched from my iPhone 3GS to a Motorola Droid, never looked back and upgraded to a Droid Razr Maxx. Until a few months ago it was alright, but I got tired of the constant slow downs with Android, and just recently picked up a 5S. I must say, I feel like I was missing out. This...
  2. Adam1389

    Water logged phone is teasing!

    So my problem. Phone got soaked, not sure how. Dried it out for a week and I got a ray of hope. It came up to restore mode so I synced it with iTunes and updated to 4.1. The restore goes fine but when it reboots it goes back to recovery mode. If I let it sit for an hour it'll go to the emergency...
  3. Adam1389

    Cleaning the dock connector and speaker screens?

    Has anyone figured out a good way of cleaning the dock connector and speaker/mic screens? Mine are so gunky right now my phone acts up when I hook it up in my truck.
  4. Adam1389

    Camera has a crack...

    Has anyone looked closely around the camera lens? I just noticed today that mine has a small crack right below the lens. Doesn't affect the camera at all, but a bummer for a $400 dollar phone. Never been dropped or anything..:dft002:amazed
  5. Adam1389

    Outlook and iPhone POP...

    So, I am trying to figure out how to get this to work. I use POP email through Outlook and on the iPhone...When one or the other connects and downloads the email, the other can't...Hence, I have two different sets of messages, one in outlook, and one on the iPhone both from the same POP...
  6. Adam1389

    3G S and RedSn0W?

    Anyone think about trying Redsnow on their 3G S? :D I don;t want to be the guinea pig.
  7. Adam1389

    Beta 5 Discussion

    Anyone notice anything new yet? A couple apps that wouldn't work before are working now. Beejive being one of them.
  8. Adam1389

    Bluetooth Driver

    Can anyone point me in the right direction. I need a Bluetooth driver for a USB dongle that I have. I bought it a while back when I was on XP, but can't find a driver for Vista to get it to pair with my iPhone. Thanks
  9. Adam1389

    Is there a way to have individual album artwork for box set purchased from iTunes?

    Question..I just downloaded from iTunes a complete Metallica collection..It didn't download as separate albums like I thought it might, so it has one album cover for all the songs...Is there anyway to change the art? I made playlists to separate the songs into their respective albums, and want...
  10. Adam1389

    Windows Forum?

    Anyone wonder about getting a Windows section setup on EIC? I know its mostly Mac related, but might be nice to have a spot for us poor old Window's users
  11. Adam1389

    Battery percentage indicator..

    So interesting note...I just downgraded back to 2.2.1 from 3.0. This is a new phone, never jailbroke...I still have the battery percentage.
  12. Adam1389

    Thinking of buying a Mac

    I am thinking about getting a Mac to start trying to develop apps for the iPhone and all. No experience what so ever with Apple, so I was wondering whats a good starting model to get? Laptop preferred. Thanks :)
  13. Adam1389

    Jailbreak apps on 3.0

    So, I tried installing a few different apps of Icy that I was using on 2.2.1. None of them work with 3.0. Winterboard, backgrounder, and lockdown. Anyone have ideas how this will get fixed? They don't lock the phone or anything, they just don't do anything when you exit out of them
  14. Adam1389

    I drop to no bars and have to restart my iPhone to get my signal back

    I have full service on my phone, but at times, I can't send or receive text messages, then all of a sudden, I drop to no bars and have to restart my phone to get my signal back. Anyone else experience this or know what to do to correct it? It is jailbroke, but i haven't added anything to it...
  15. Adam1389

    Confused a bit...

    Ok, this might sound dumb, but I gotta ask anyhow. is 3G the 3rd gen. iPhone, or does it refer the network? or both? Thanks:embarrassed: