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    How do I get widgets to work on jailbroken iPhone?

    Hello, I am trying to get a better understanding on how to get widgets to work on my iPhone. I installed it via the Installer but cant find out what I need to do and how. Can anyone explain what and where to get put etc? Thanks JW
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    SMSd blank?

    Hello, I installed a little app called SMSd, via the Installer, but when I open it all I get is a white blank screen. I have a 1.0.2 iPhone is that something that I am missing? Thanks JW
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    Scrolling smoothly no more?

    Hello, I have about 35 app/icons on my iPhone v1.0.2 unlocked/jailbroken. I have noticed that when I try to scroll or move to one of the lower icons its slow in fact it looks like its moves in 1 line increments. Like in the addressbook or reading a email when you move your finger the content...
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    Deleting a App. the hard way.

    Ok I am old, but new at this stuff so please bare with me. I installed a game called Lights Off (somehow) and now can not seem to figure out how to delete it form my iPhone version 1.0.2. My iPhone is unlocked and jailbroken... I thought I either installed it via iBrickr, or the installer...