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  1. RoofMonkey

    Freeware to backup messages and imessages from iphone

    Take a look at iExplorer
  2. RoofMonkey

    I uninstalled You Tube because of battery drain issues.

    Don’t leave it running in the background. That was a simple fix I saw mentioned.
  3. RoofMonkey

    Died a slow death some time ago, sadly.

    Died a slow death some time ago, sadly.
  4. RoofMonkey

    iPhone 3GS unresponsive

    Considering the original post is from January of 2011..... I doubt they will post back LMAO
  5. RoofMonkey

    Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    Now we REALLY want to see it! Hahahaa
  6. RoofMonkey

    Files (Application)

    Not sure if this helps or not:
  7. RoofMonkey

    iTunes "Apply" button Problem

    And those steps would be???
  8. RoofMonkey

    The pets of eiC

    Since I’m not getting a new iPhone, figured we’d get a new dog :) Meet Alexa Rai
  9. RoofMonkey

    Access iCloud backup files from my PC?

    You notice the original post you ‘answered’ is almost 6 years old???
  10. RoofMonkey

    Let's post some fun stuff here

    Perpetual Music? :-D
  11. RoofMonkey

    Autoplay on YouTube App

    I just went to the YouTube app, Library and clicked on a play list. Clicked on the icon I circled in the screen shot and they all played in the order I have them in without having to click play on each one.
  12. RoofMonkey

    iPhone 7 camera lens damag

    If it doesn't effect the pictures, IS it an issue?
  13. RoofMonkey

    iPhone 8 plus shipping

    Don't see how that would be possible....
  14. RoofMonkey

    Hurricane Irma

    We were VERY lucky at our house. Minor fence damage and power out for only about 20 hrs. There are still LOTS of people in my county & surrounding areas that are without power and sustained serious damage. Been trying to help out as we can. So far 3 people I have said I could load our generator...
  15. RoofMonkey

    Hurricane Irma

    Glad to hear you got through it ok. Lack of power does suck though!! Hoping they get it squared away as soon as possible.
  16. RoofMonkey

    Hurricane Irma

    Photos and videos I'm seeing from Miami are NOT looking good at all.
  17. RoofMonkey

    Hurricane Irma

    The worst is supposed to be around 2am Monday morning from the last news I watched.
  18. RoofMonkey

    Hurricane Irma

    I'm just South of Tampa / St. Petersburg At least the storm surge 'shouldnt' be an issue in my area. It's the sustained winds I'm worried about.
  19. RoofMonkey

    Hurricane Irma

    Looks like my area is in direct path now :-( No plywood to be found... we are as prepared as we can be. After going through Charley in 2004, lived in Port Charlotte, I am not looking forward to this at all!!
  20. RoofMonkey

    Official random thread

    That wasn't after you were granted all access to the pyxis machine was it? LMAO