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    iPhone 4 pre-order starts at...

    finally, order went through on, yay! steps: ATT Eligibilty check you qualify for iPhone 4 then "add to cart" once you add to cart you're good to go as far as I can tell
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    I got Emoticons on stock!

    I'm on 2.2 and jailbroken and works fine. I opened a few stories, enabled emojicon and now emoticons work with SMS. iPhone friends want to know how I did it. LOL ;)
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    iPhone tethering is here!

    It can also be found on iPhone Apps store by searching for "Nullriver." Didn't show up when I searched for Netshare.
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    Download Songs from Safari and play directly on iPod

    Check out the original thread: I've been using this app for few weeks and it works great but IMO "HistoryDL" is a more elegant solution for downloading songs from HistoryDL's downloaded songs usually displays the correct...
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    1.1.1 Download plugin Hachu has updated it. "Update: Version 0.2 posted. New to 0.2: Progress bar. Basic instructional text. Allow user to choose name to save as. Features tried and failed: Percentage and KB/sec as text. I have the value as a variable...
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Combination of Sexy Realize and Shelves Floor from
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    Is it easier to use MPNlight or File Download to download files from Safari? I'm using the Hackintosh File Download Plugin and it works fine. And what are you doing with MobileStudio and Sendfile? :smile:
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    Download And Play MP3's to your iPhone Locally

    This is the killer app that Apple and studios fear because it allows you to download mp3s from Seeqpod (and other mp3 streaming sites). All this is done via WiFi which is sick! IMO, this is the beginning of truly mobile music piracy. Neither advocating or flaming but it's groundbreaking. It's...
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    24 hour Apple channel: all Apple, all the time! For all you Apple fanboys, this site has a video feed with all Apple stuff all day. I've had it in the background for past hour while surfing and it's addicting especially if you're an Apple fanboy like me. :laugh2::smile...
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    Underground Hacker Targets Apple Fanboys...

    I notice you're at Evangelist level here. Make sure your firewall is up!
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    Underground Hacker Targets Apple Fanboys...

    EIC members who have iPhone related avatars or names to the level of fanboyism will be a potential target. Tomorrow, one maggot's iPhone will be permanently bricked via WiFi. This particular larvae is malignant, obnoxious, and has a fetish for posting about his constantly changing iPhone setups...
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    Underground Hacker Targets Apple Fanboys...

    Check out this Digg. LOLZ! Site malcor targeted and it's currently tagged and down: This is from the Mac hater ie- attacker. This is way too funny. :tounge: Here's what malcor stated: "WEDNESDAY...
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    Google's Android phone...

    Here's what Google street level gives you. Bye bye privacy. Images of... 03. Guy getting out of strip club--pwned! 05. Girls sunbathing Top 15 Images:
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    How to send SMS from an email to iPhone Been using this to send SMS to phones for some time. Works consistently since it's google. Also you can download it as a Firefox plugin.
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    Google's Android phone...

    Google's Android SDK- the user interface looks like a P.O.S! It's not touchscreen at all. When Steve said he would protect their touchscreen patents he meant it. I hate the Windows-esque menus! I suspect Android will be cleaned and dressed up by developers. But if the GUI remains like this...
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    GBA emulator

    Someone made a skin, hopefully the emu creator will incorporate this. Then it would look really cool. :laugh2:
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    GBA emulator

    Mario Kart and Tekken Advance plays fairly well. I don't get the flicker or green lines some have spoke of. But the problem is the controls, difficult to turn quickly on Mario Kart. BTW, I'm on iPhone 1.0.2.
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    iPhone in my car

    This may help...
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    Firmware V1.1.2 Coming Friday - AVOID!

    1.1.2...Much ado about nothing. I'm sticking with 1.0.2! :tounge::2cool: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of...
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    UK iPhone launching with 1.1.2, Jailbreak broken. From Gizmodo: "T3 got their hands on the new European iPhone, and to their delight (and dismay), the phone is pre-installed with firmware 1.1.2—which is newer than the 1.1.1 firmware we...