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    Mail on 2.X.X

    Ever since I updated to the 2.0 (the official version, never did the prerelease), my mail application has not worked. Almost every time I try to go into Mail, it crashes to the home screen. I've tried to circumvent the problem by going to"Settings" and setting up my gmail account, and the...
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    Music Lost + "Restore from Backup"

    Hi, I've read where people have sometimes spontaniously lost music from the iPhone. This happened to me this week. and its not that big of a problem as I have my music on my laptop. My concern is that, when I connected my iPhone to the laptop it comes up with a screen which is asking me if I...
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    WiFi WEP KEYs

    I connected my iPhone with the wifi at my work. We use rotating WEP keys, ie. every month they change the WEP key. my iPhone does not give me the option of retyping the wep key for the network, it just fails at connection and thats it. Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this? Thank you