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  1. jooley

    Fingerprint I missing something?

    Only took me 3 1/2 hours to grab my iPhone 5S this morning, and the space gray is growing on me. (No 32 gb white anything to be found). Anyhoooo..... I set up my fingerprints, but the phone still asks for my passcode to unlock. What setting am I missing?
  2. jooley

    Back protection recommendation

    Hey all - continuing to search for a solution to protect my iPad 2 and just today received the Cover Buddy from Switch Easy. Love it! I purchased the pink and it's a great match to my pink Smart Cover. It arrived in 2 days (California to Kansas)
  3. jooley

    My iPad 2 protected....

    I know it's not protected from drops, but I wanted to come up with something to use with the Smart cover. I created a template, then cut a Vera Bradley laptop skin and applied it to the back of my iPad2.
  4. jooley

    Cydia crashing on iPhone4, 4.2.1 using Greenpois0n

    Ok, here's the deal... Earlier this week I finally got around to jb my iPhone4, 4.2.1 using greenpois0n. All worked fine, then yesterday Cydia started crashing. Everything I've found so far says to restore in iTunes, then re-jailbreak. I'd like to avoid that if possible, especially since a...
  5. jooley

    Contact sync not working...

    I just updated my 3GS to 4.0 and now I can't get my MobileMe contacts to sync even though that is turned on in settings. They sync fine to my iPad. Am I missing something?
  6. jooley

    Any coupons?

    I'm thinking I'm going to add to my treasure chest of iPhone 3G cases by ordering the red Vaja ivolution from Are you aware of any coupon codes for
  7. jooley

    Will Apple replace it?

    My 3G 16gb white iPhone is cracked on the back and still under warranty. I have an appointment with a genius tomorrow. What do you think they will say. Will they replace it? Since the 16gb 3g is no longer being sold maybe they will give me a 3GS! :)
  8. jooley

    Suddenly, Not enough access privileges!

    I'm pulling my hair out here! I installed iTunes8 yesterday. Had several issues, but think I have them straightened out, except for this last one: I have successfuly synced my iPhone with this version of iTunes but now suddenly get the following error: "The iPhone xxxxx cannot be synced. You do...