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    Summerboard problems, any input?

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone has any input on this. I installed Summerboard 3.0b1 from the installer on my unlocked/jailbroken 1.1.1 but after that the phone became very unstable. Constantly crashing/restarting and programs like phone or SMS would take much longer to open than usual. I...
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    SMS Time way off

    Whenever I get txt messaged on my phone from someone, if they initiate the conversation there is a small time/date stamp at the beginning, however that time is off by about 4 hours from the time on my phone, even though they just messaged me. However if I txt someone, the time stamp that shows...
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    switching shortcut buttons?

    is there an easy way to switch shortcut icons/buttons on your iPhone? like i would rather have the SMS button down below next to my phone button and the mail one can go up where the SMS one is. Possible?
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    buying iPhone question

    Hi, just wanted to ask a question. I'm in Canada, and wanted to drive across the border to buy an iPhone, but I hear that the 1.1.1 version can not be properly unlocked and if you unlock it, you cant use the calling feature, is that true? What are my chances that when I buy an iPhone, it might...