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    Are there any methods of fixing scratched screen?

    some how my seemingly "invincible" screen has quite the lots of scratches. anyone know of a good way to fix them? its been quite a while with out no scratches, i guess it was too good to be true. thanks~!
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    Horizontal Texting in a future update?

    I think that this would be an amazing feature. The keyboard for sms is decent but not as good as most phones currently out but i think that giving us an option to text with a horizontal keyboard changes that completely. We have more finger space and larger keys. This would give the iPhone almost...
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    quick Gmail question...

    Hey guys, quick question about email. How come when i access gmail on my computer and archive a message to where it is no longer in my inbox, i still see that message on my iPhone after that? its kind of annoying to have to delete stuff twice. any ideas? --Gray
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    Just bought Belikin Auto Kit for iPod

    bassically just a car charger. Fits into the cigarette lighter hole. Just a question though, i know that when you plug in some accessories to the iPhone it says "this wasn't made for the iPhone, put into airplaine mode?". Is there any harm in just saying no? i would like to be able to receive...
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    New Here, Should i Buy Now or Wait?

    Well, there is a possibility that i might be able to get one of these very sexy devices in the very near future and i was wondering what you guys think about getting it now or waiting. With all of the speculation about future iPhones. i am beginning to wonder what i shoud do. any suggestions...