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  1. iPutz

    What I hate about iOS 11...

    Ignore my last post above. After a little research that I should have done first, my post is in error. taping the wifi symbol only disconnects the phone from the network it is currently connected to, it does not turn off WiFi. Same for Bluetooth.
  2. iPutz

    What I hate about iOS 11...

    I'm not sure why Bluetooth or Wi-Fi cannot be turned off in the control center. The function is there on my iPhone 7 with iOS 11.1.2. Top left corner shows Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on/off toggles
  3. iPutz

    Got the otter box defender case

    Agreed, I’ve been using the Defender since my first iPhone 4 and will not use any other case.
  4. iPutz

    Incompatible app update

    That did the trick. I didn’t even think of that because I don’t remember ever downloading the app onto the iPad. It took a little searching to find it. I deleted it and all is good. I was acting as a beta tester for iOS 11 on my iPhone7 and that may have been how the app ended up on my iPad as...
  5. iPutz

    Incompatible app update

    If the app isn't compatible with my iPad 3 why is even listed as an available update and how do I get rid of the listing?
  6. iPutz

    Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    My iPhone 7 is still serving my needs quite well. I can’t argue that the technical advances of the 8 or the X aren’t substantial vs. my 7 but right now I cannot justify the expense of a new phone just for a few technological geegaws I really don’t need to have. Maybe next year after I sell my...
  7. iPutz

    The pets of eiC

    Our Teenie left us a few years ago but was always a delight to have around in spite of her constant impish behavior. We never knew what she would get into next, in this case it was my Mother-in-Law's ash tray.
  8. iPutz

    iTunes 12.6.3 Now Available with Apps and Ringtones Syncing Restored

    I couldn't agree more. Apple could have at least given us a separate method of accessing the App Store via computer rather than having to do it only from the small screen on the phone. That would have been much more equitable than eliminating computer access entirely.
  9. iPutz

    iTunes 12.6.3 Now Available with Apps and Ringtones Syncing Restored

    I wonder what the reasoning was for removing that functionality in the first place? I will miss using iTunes to shop for an app as it is definitely a lot easier looking for and researching an app on my computer than on the small screen of my phone. I'm guessing that if I go through all the...
  10. iPutz

    iTunes 12.6.3 Now Available with Apps and Ringtones Syncing Restored

    I wonder if versions beyond will re-incorporate the app store as well.
  11. iPutz

    Can't print from iphone 7 after update to ios11

    Just bought an Epson EcoTank printer, no more running out of ink problems and my phone and iPad print to it easily to boot.
  12. iPutz

    My thoughts on the new devices

    The increased cost of the new iPhones vs. new features in any of them keeps me from being able to justify replacing a perfectly good I phone 7. Apple’s new whiz-bang phone simply isn’t anything all that special to me.
  13. iPutz

    Maps stopped working in iOS GM beta

    I have an iPhone 7 running the latest beta version of iOS11. I’ve come up with an issue concerning that beta. On the EIC website on the page that we would go to in order to select the particular forum we are interested in, the blue graphic of two blue speech bubbles to the left of the forum...
  14. iPutz

    Maps stopped working in iOS GM beta

    Tried the first two suggestions but not the Reset All Settings, to no avail. A little later I absentmindedly tapped on an address in a contact's information and the Maps App came up, displayed the proper location for the address requested and has been working properly ever since. I'm in the...
  15. iPutz

    Maps stopped working in iOS GM beta

    So I downloaded and installed the iOS11 GM onto my iPhone 7 and find that Apple Maps is no longer working. When I tap on the Maps icon the screen goes white for something less than a second and then it reverts back to the screen where the Maps icon is located. I tried a hard reset but that...
  16. iPutz

    iPhone Screen Clock

    I don't understand how the screen would be "Always On" without the screen's backlight being turned on. Even if the backlight is on at a minimal level, it is using power from the battery and therefore must impact battery life in some measure.
  17. iPutz

    Song of the Day

    Lonnie Mack, Oreo Cookie Blues
  18. iPutz

    Otterbox Defender issue

    Once a month or so clean both phone and wipe off the case.
  19. iPutz

    Otterbox Defender issue

    UPDATE: The effect doesn't seemed to have lasted very long. Withing three or four weeks the case seemed to soften again and seems to again be pulling away from the plastic shell of the case. Time to replace the case I guess. Close but no cigar.
  20. iPutz

    iTunes "Apply" button Problem

    I've Googled this problem and also searched through the forum for any answers but am coming up with nothing. Why does iTunes constantly require me to press the "Apply" button during a sync session with my iPhone 7. I am running the latest versions of both iTunes and iOS. This happens at least...