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  1. vinnyatbellsouth

    Another Transferring Topic...

    Yeah I had problem like that before and I spoke to Apple support through email and they helped me but it took some time cause if u have a lot of downloads they can only to do so many per day to let u redownload through there support
  2. vinnyatbellsouth

    Any one going to Mac world expo?

    Where is it going to take place at?
  3. vinnyatbellsouth

    iPhone 4 Unlock now Official.

    so i have a question if i unlock my phone can i go to verizon or sprint with my phone or do i have to stay within a gsm network i know its a crazy question but im new to this jail break unlock stuff
  4. vinnyatbellsouth

    I am livid! [ordering snafu: resolved!]

    That's also what I was told about two hours ago when an AT&T customer care agent called me back regarding my pre-order. I had serious concerns since my order printout lists 6/15/10 @ 12:25pm est yet my order status screen via at& showed my order date as 6/16/10. Wasn't sure if...
  5. vinnyatbellsouth

    iPhone 4 pre-order starts at...

    ummm im guessing in the am like around 10 am
  6. vinnyatbellsouth

    Will next update have flash?

    my feelings are really hurt i want to cry
  7. vinnyatbellsouth

    New iPhone release for next Tuesday....

    WoW i hope its true im getting bored with the old i phone!
  8. vinnyatbellsouth

    Current iPhone owners..What r u doing in June?

    im in line ready to buy a new also this egde thing sucks
  9. vinnyatbellsouth

    new way to jail break easy and fast

    hey everyone i can recall anyone ever talking about this jailbreak software at but then again i been out of a computer for a while but ill just post it anyways just to make sure... there is this web site called its truly the fastes and esay way to jailbreak your phone it takes...
  10. vinnyatbellsouth

    RIM testing 3.5g? Would iPhone possibly follow suit?

    i don't mind i don't really mind if it cuts the battery life i don't do a lot of talking on the phone i do a lot of texting and web uses and my phone don't even last that long! so add 3g and ill will just get a car charger
  11. vinnyatbellsouth

    iPhone SDK Rumored to Be Delayed 1-3 Weeks

    man this really blows :embarrassed:
  12. vinnyatbellsouth

    AT&T adding 100 new cities to 3G network

    i hope so the edge this blows come on 3g lol
  13. vinnyatbellsouth

    1.1 3 Problem

    im going to be honest and don't take it the wrong way but u my be out of luck but i don't know much about ublocked phone sorry im just going by what i hear on the post
  14. vinnyatbellsouth

    1.1 3 Problem

    are u an AT&T custermer? or are u unlocked
  15. vinnyatbellsouth

    anyone has this problem

    im trying to down grade my phone im able to do that but when i use the ibricker91 it does not connect any help?
  16. vinnyatbellsouth

    AT&T Store Policy?

    no it shouldnt be a problem my brother upgraded and paid cash hope that helps u
  17. vinnyatbellsouth

    AT&T Store Policy?

    it depends on the store if u activate it at the store there will be no problem!
  18. vinnyatbellsouth

    Tutorial - Mac & PC 1.1.3 Jailbreak (1.5-2hrs)

    I Have A Problem When I Try To Use The Ibrick 0.91 My Phone Is Pluged In And Nothing Is Happens Im Doing The Way U Say Any Help?