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  1. vinnyatbellsouth

    new way to jail break easy and fast

    hey everyone i can recall anyone ever talking about this jailbreak software at but then again i been out of a computer for a while but ill just post it anyways just to make sure... there is this web site called its truly the fastes and esay way to jailbreak your phone it takes...
  2. vinnyatbellsouth

    anyone has this problem

    im trying to down grade my phone im able to do that but when i use the ibricker91 it does not connect any help?
  3. vinnyatbellsouth

    changing the icon pictures

    hey everyone i just want to say i love the website without u guys i would be lost with the iPhone.. with that being said i need your help i want to know if there is a way to change the pictures on the icons on the main page.. i learned how to move the icons around but still cant figure out how to...