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  1. Cloverfield

    Need help regarding all my data

    So basically my laptop screwed up so bad that I had to completely reinstall Windows7 and start from absolutely scratch. I have reinstalled iTunes but of course all of my music, apps and everything else is gone. Where do I go from here regarding everything on my iPhone. If I was to connect and...
  2. Cloverfield

    Jailbreak has broken my app layout...

    Please check out the 2 pictures below to see what has happened. The 2nd pic is Cydia. I can't access anything there anymore. The icons are all small and spaced out and the bottom row which stays no matter what page you're on has disappeared. What's the fix...
  3. Cloverfield

    Moving pictures to a new album

    Why is it that you can't 'cut' a picture from your main camera roll and place it in a newly set up photo album. All it does us 'copy' the photo and then when you try and delete the original the copied one is deleted with it. Is there another way? Help?
  4. Cloverfield

    Dims slightly, randomly

    So I've been using my 5s for about 15 hours now and I've noticed every so often the screen will dim slightly by itself. If I go to the brightness setting if it is around 70% up the bar no matter how much further to 100% I go it remains the same brightness unless of course I go below 70% and then...
  5. Cloverfield

    Crazy long delivery times

    Might just be for the UK but if you're ordering from don't expect the phone until well into October :/
  6. Cloverfield

    Who's getting the new iPhone? (Poll)

    Very underwhelming. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing new and it just about caught up with competition. Well done Apple. Thankfully I have an iPhone 4 so the upgrade will be fairly substantial to me but I feel sorry for those with an iPhone 4S. Did people really think Apple was going to bring out...
  7. Cloverfield

    iMessage still works with just cellular data? (GPRS)

    So I was riding back home from work, practically in the middle of a field with no wifi, 3G or edge (just the round circle icon) and I sent a message to my mate and it still classed it as an iMessage, was blue and told me when he had read the message. I thought it needed wifi or 3G? If not that's...
  8. Cloverfield

    Fingerprint scanner on screen?

    Okay so we know it is possible on other phones and laptops to unlock said equipment by swiping your finger or thumb on a scanner but how close or far away are we to having a fingerprint scanner on screen, ie, the current lock screen, to unlock your phone. What kind of technology is needed to...
  9. Cloverfield

    How can I restore without updating?

    I am selling my 3GS on eBay and need to restore my iPhone but I don't want 4.0 to be installed. How can I do this?
  10. Cloverfield

    Can I trust this jailbreak? Any risk to my iPhone using that jailbreak? Seems simple enough. No files need to be downloaded or anything.
  11. Cloverfield

    2 iTunes... which one?

    I am getting a new laptop in a couple of days and for some reason I have two iTunes folders on my current computer. Looking at the date the first was created on 5th Feb 2010 and the second on the 14th Feb 2010 (14th feb is why my computer had to be formated due to virus). The 14th one being...
  12. Cloverfield

    Battery heavily depleting!

    Well, I've been using iPhone since November 2007 and never had a problem with the battery until a few days ago. My 3GS seems to be dieing VERY quickly. Put it this way. I charged my phone up over night, woke up at 9:20 and it was at 100%. It is now 12:40 in the afternoon and my battery is now at...
  13. Cloverfield

    A quick question to UK O2 users...

    My current contract runs out in January of next year. After looking at o2 website today it says that you can upgrade early by paying a £20 fee for every month still left on your contract. I did their little test thing and I have to pay £120 to upgrade early. My question is, will I have to pay...
  14. Cloverfield

    Is there a Jailbreak for 3.1.3?

    I have never Jailbroke my phone, mainly because I feared something going wrong and I would lose all my texts, contacts, photos etc. Well, I was updating to the new 3.1.3 and it crashed and I ended up losing everything anyway so now I'm going to Jailbreak as I have nothing to lose. I am using an...
  15. Cloverfield

    Restore from backup not working!

    Hi all. I backed up my iPhone around 5 hours. I then decided to update to the 3.1.3 fireware. Whilst it was doing that it froze at the 'Updating iPhone Software' and just didn't do anything. I had to then unplug my iPhone and when I plugged it back in it said I had to restore my iPhone. I did...
  16. Cloverfield

    How many texts does a video MMS account for?

    SMS is 1 text. Picture MMS is 3 texts. Video MMS up to 30 seconds is ? Is 3 texts also? Or do you actually have to pay?
  17. Cloverfield

    Random ringtones?

    Just asking for confirmation that there is no way to be able to set 2 different ringtones and have it randomly choose one when your phone rings?
  18. Cloverfield

    Some help with Jailbreaking and unlocking.

    Hi guys. I have a 3GS but I am selling my old 2G phone. It is running 2.2.1 at the moment. Please could someone give me step by step instructions on how to upgrade the iPhone to 3.0 (not 3.1) and how to jailbreak it please :) Also, my old phone was on contract but ended and a new one was...
  19. Cloverfield

    What is this?

    For the past year now my iPhone has never been able to complete a backup. Luckily I went from the iPhone 2G and bought the new iPhone 3GS a couple of months ago so I was able to have the 3.0 software but I am unable to backup my iPhone. It will crash about 80% through. I went to preferences in...
  20. Cloverfield

    My phone won't complete 'backup'

    So annoying, it happened on my first generation iPhone and also my 3GS but whenever it does a backup, it will do about 85% and then it will just stay at that position and won't complete. I don't know where the problem is...any ideas?