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  1. Popdevil

    Droid X

    I have been checking out the Droid X because I want a phone that actually makes and receives phone calls :-) After seeing the videos I'm not that impressed. Could be I'm So used to the iPhone (had the first gen) so maybe it's just me
  2. Popdevil

    iPhone 3G after 4.x update

    My 3G (not the 3GS) phone run slow on the 3.x software. I updated to the 4.x softare today and it seems like I'm connecting via a 24baud modem. :dft007:angry
  3. Popdevil

    Is it white or black -MJ

    The first xbox was black and people were mad at MS because they didn't have a white xbox. The Xbox 360 comes out white and then Apple puts out black iPhones. MS goes back to black Xbox 360 and now Apple is in trouble for not having any white iPhones available. Maybe I'm wrong but they all work...
  4. Popdevil

    Will I need a 32GB iPhone 4?

    I got the iPhone 8GB (2g) 4 years ago instead of the 4gb because I thought the extra $100 was worth doubling the space. 2 years ago I got the 3G 8 GB and have a lot of stuff on there and still have around 900mb free. If I got the 16 GB model that would double what I have now but I wonder if...
  5. Popdevil

    SIMple but important feature to me

    Does anyone have an idea if the iPhone 4 will allow you to change the text message sound?
  6. Popdevil

    I'm not mean, I'm honest

    I was a DAY ONE owner of the first iPhone. I bought 2 8gb models for $1,200. I felt over the years that I was wrong with getting the iPhone day one because they had all kind of issues. I did get a 3g (not a 3gs) iPhone 2 years ago and still feel like Apple is behind on items that should be...
  7. Popdevil

    Games to play with other people

    Are there any games that use edge or wifi so youc an play muti-player? I was thinking about getting the Texas Holdem game but not much funt to only play with AI.
  8. Popdevil

    When buying apps from the App Store

    I was wondering if I buy an app with my Applestore account and I sync it to my iPhone, can I then sync my wife's iPhone and get the app again or does it cost for each iPhone?
  9. Popdevil

    Copy and Paste app would sell like crazy

    I bet everyone would buy a Copy and Paste app. Can it even be done?
  10. Popdevil

    What kinda people are we? - It's just a cell phone

    We are just talking about a PHONE, right not a new car or a house. Even though I have a v1 iPhone I did not wait in line, I just waited until the store showed they were avaiable online and then went to the store and picked it up. I was already with AT&T (Cingular) so no biggie. The art of the...
  11. Popdevil

    1.1.4 and Jailbreak

    Maybe I have just missed it but no one is talking about jailbreaking the 1.1.4. Is it not able to be done, did I miss something? I have 1.1.3 jailbroken but should I be on 1.1.4 or stay where I am? Can it be jailbroken to 1.1.4?
  12. Popdevil

    Voice Dial is $27 before 2//08

    I have been playing around with the voice dial and after getting in a quite room and putting the commands in 3 times so it has 3 different tags, it works pretty well. The trial is over and I saw if you buy before 2/08 its only $27 (It seems a little high but it may be worth it). I guess the...
  13. Popdevil

    Voice Application set to to double click home

    When I first installed the voice app I could double click on the home screen and the voice application come up. I changed it in the iPhone settings to go to my favorites. I can't get it back now. NOTE: Maybe its just me but the application doesn't seem to work that great for me. I have heard...
  14. Popdevil

    Mail Password won't save after jb 1.1.3

    I have pretty much everything working on the iPhone after finally getting to jb 1.1.3. I am having an issue where my password in my mail accounts will not save. Is this a known issue or a work around?
  15. Popdevil

    Maps locate me work around

    I have been searhing for the work around to get the maps locate me item to work after being on JB 1.1.3. Anyone have the work around?
  16. Popdevil

    Stop posting 1.1.3 JB'ed if you have to already have a JB'ed phoen

    Please state in the title that you have to have a jailbroken iPhone already. We read through this only to find out if you upgraded to 1.1.3 you are out of luck.
  17. Popdevil

    Where are the video podcasts?

    I search on Apples iTunes for video podcasts and it shows a tv screen next to the podcast but it never shows the picture. Am I doing something wrong or is it that the iPhone can't play them? Also, where can I download video podcast and watch them on the iPhone?
  18. Popdevil

    Text message sound

    I read through some of the posts and found a post where it tells you the path on the iPhone to change the text message sound. ===================== he file location is /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/..type "ls /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/" without the quotes to see all the sound names in...
  19. Popdevil

    I just want a different text msgs sound

    I upgraded to 1.1.3 and it looks just like the hack I had on it. Did Apple steal the hacks or vice versa? ...anyways, does anyone know of a way to just replace the sound for the text msgs? I'm easy to please, just change my text sound. I don't think Apple wants to do this because it would make...
  20. Popdevil

    mod 1.1.3

    I used to have my phone moded but restored to factory settings. I can't live with out the text message custom sounds anymore. Is there software out there for 1.1.3? I know there is for 1.1.2