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  1. RoofMonkey


    It should work with the 5.
  2. RoofMonkey

    It chaps my hide.

    Chaps mine that I’ve done nothing by report HUNDREDS of spam posts and accounts within the last week. Maybe both of the moderators shouldn’t take a vacation at the same time LOL
  3. RoofMonkey

    New iPhone x causing problems

    Another ‘drive by posting’ I guess.....
  4. RoofMonkey

    New iPhone x causing problems

    From back in May?
  5. RoofMonkey

    Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    I would damn near have to come out of retirement to grab 2 new phones & the wife showed interest in a watch...... Would you EVER think people would shell out $2000 for a watch and phone? No upgrade planned right now. We literally JUST paid off both of our 7 plus iPhones
  6. RoofMonkey

    Removing photos from "Google photos" won't get deleted

    Another drive by post.... user hasn’t been seen since making the post. ‍♂️
  7. RoofMonkey

    Removing photos from "Google photos" won't get deleted

    Are the photos in any albums? If you delete the album the picture(s)will remain in the photos area. Tried deleting in a smaller batch? Also try logging out then back in to google photos.
  8. RoofMonkey

    Game of Thrones

    Sometime in 2019
  9. RoofMonkey

    Iphone app down?

    The everythingiCafe app stopped being supported some time ago & was pulled from the App Store. You can use TapaTalk or the full version via the internet to access the site.
  10. RoofMonkey

    how can i restore my iphone 5 to itunes 10.3.3

    This is the one that you just had the screen replaced in right? Sounds like there are more issues wrong with it after the screen replacement
  11. RoofMonkey

    phone keeps saying "searching" and won't even restore as new phone

    Where did you get the new screen replaced at? I’m guessing not from Apple??? I’d be going back to where it was done and tell them about it. If you did it on your own, well........
  12. RoofMonkey

    iPhone 6S issues after 11.0.3 update

    Tried updating to the newest version of iOS?
  13. RoofMonkey

    Samsung Galaxy S III vs New iPhone

    Holy thread revival! Last post was 6 years ago...
  14. RoofMonkey

    Problems with iOS app

    The App The app has not been supported or updated in quite some time. It was actually removed from the App Store as well. You’ll need to use either TapaTalk or the web version of everythingiCafe.
  15. RoofMonkey

    Site not working on the apps!

    Nothing but Spam... that seems to be the only thing posted in here anymore sadly.
  16. RoofMonkey

    Site not working on the apps!

    Need to update your signature line LOL
  17. RoofMonkey

    Rafagon where abouts?

    Glad to hear he’s doing OK
  18. RoofMonkey

    Site not working on the apps!

    I know the app hasn’t been supported for quite some time now & you can’t even find it in the App Store. I started loggin imto the site directly.... which is to only report the Spam posts that have taken over the place
  19. RoofMonkey

    iPhone ambient light sensor

    How can you tell with all the other dust that’s in the photos?
  20. RoofMonkey

    The lost airdrop

    Bluetooth needs to be turned on for Airdrop to work