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    they are probally over on some android forum now. who knows for sure tho.
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    Have you used Apple Pay?

    well it's only been 3 years since i made this post just wondering if anyone here took my advice and invested in bitcoin. 3 years later bitcoin is now worth 6,000 per coin only 5,800 more than in oct 20,2014 when the price was approx 250-300usd
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    guess he grew up and moved over to android?
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    What's the longest you've been off of eiC?

    i can be gone for as long as 6 months at a time before i even make a post.
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    This Rumor is one I would love to come true!

    "what a change this would be" huh apart from the color it looks just like last years iphone, what i am missing here?
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    What is the best password manager?

    i would 1pass is a bit better but i think ewallet is more user friendly. i personally use roboform. and i don't think both 1pass and ewallet have a password generator roboform does and there price is only 10.00 then it's 19.99 every year after that. so it's right in the middle of both 1pass and...
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    What games are you playing? iPad/iPhone

    well i can tell which games i won't be playing anymore thanks to apples censorship:( Ultimate General: Gettysburg AAA American Civil War Cannon Shooter Civil War: Hidden Mysteries Civil War The Battle Game Civil War Defense Civil War Battle Defense 1861 A Civil War Rebellion Civil War...
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    Tempted by Samsung Galaxy S6

    your username is "liberated" but yet you use an iphone. i think "incarcerated" would be a better nick. but that's just my opinion "just works" has a different meaning based on what you want your phone to do. as for me the iphone has never really "just worked" but then again i use my phone for...
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    Apple Pay stung in transactions using data stolen from retailers: WSJ

    (Reuters) - Apple Inc's (AAPL.O) mobile payment system Apple Pay has been hit by a wave of fraudulent transactions using stolen credit-card data from a spate of breaches at retailers, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter. The transactions stemmed from...
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    Will the iPhone 6 win the GSMA 2015 award?

    Yes, they did congrats to apple it has been awhile since they won it. I think the last time they won before this one was back in 2011.
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    yes i agree i also find it very hard to pick up a friends smaller phone. it so very hard to go back once you have used a larger phone for so long.
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    lol... i find this post so funny after many members here said my s3 it was way too big. now many here have no problems carrying a phone that is much bigger than the s3. funny how times have changed here at EC. and i know many still laugh at the whole bitcoin thiing. but that's ok it usually...
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    Will the iPhone 6 win the GSMA 2015 award?

    well i don't think this is a salesmanship award. it's a phone award. does it matter? for me it does not matter. but im sure for some it does.
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    Will the iPhone 6 win the GSMA 2015 award?

    3/12/2015 is the GSMA awards Apple hasn't won the award since 2011, will this year be the year for Apple to regain the number 1 spot? What say you? The Nominees for this year are Apple iPhone 6 HTC One M8 LG G3 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sony Xperia Z3
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    for 35.00 chromecast work pretty good. but if your tv set is a smart-tv and is hooked up to your home network. and you have a newer samsung phone there is a "quick connect" option in the drop down menu. that will search through your home network for any smart devices and will connect to your...
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    you won't find popcorn at the play store you have to side load/download it directly from the home page. (popcorn-time dot se) yes you are correct. you must be JB
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    i highly recommend that if your going to use any of these apps, that you use them with a private VPN for your safety
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    im sorry ZR i naturally assumed the post above mine had a android phone cause he had just got himself a chrome cast. i didn't think he was using an iphone. showbox and popcorn-time are only for android phones.
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    now all you need is popcorn time or showbox on that phone and you have all the new movie before netflix
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    just copped the new gear vr.....speech less