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    Current iPhone owners?

    I haven't investigated TOO much other than knowing that some are eligible for an upgrade? and if you are eligible you pay 200? I thought the cost of the phone was 200 anyways? and how do I find out if I am eligible? Also what are some of the differences between the phones, the new one looks...
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    Still on 1.0.2, want to upgrade, help!

    I want to put my iPhone back to factory settings, then upgrade to latest firmware, im afraid I wont be able to unlock it again, what is the simplest way to unlock with the newest firmware, and does it all work the same, just gives you that installer icon and everything easy from there?
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    Can't hide icons

    im still running 1.0.2. customize no longer has rsbt, "icon display order" doesn't allow me to hide icons
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    GBA Emulator

    I did not see a posting of this, sorry if there is one I noticed there is a GBA (gameboy advanced) emulator, which is AWESOME, one problem is when i put the games in there (like the NES emulator) but then it says i Need a BIOS, how do I put a bios in the folder in order to run these games and...
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    Just learned how to CAPS lock

    I never knew you could use caps lock, but just hit the arrow button to make the first letter of the next sentence capitol, when a lot of times i want the whole word or sentence capitol so i was thinking 'they should have made it so you double tap the arrow button and its caps lock'...and i just...
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    just dinged my iPhone =[

    i just dinged my back today. i almost dropped it and caught it and pulled it into my body into my belt, so theres a small ding on the back and i don't like that =[ i was looking at this site: if i order a replacement BACK...
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    Force us to update?

    Ok so a co-worker comes into work and says "I have something to compete with your iPhone"...he pulls out a sidekick..i hold in my laughter...of course he is trying to compare and cannot, then eventually says yeah just wait until Apple forces you to update and you can't mod anymore first of all...
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    GPS app Updated

    I finally got a recent update for the GPS app, and for the first time ever it was able to give me a location, although a couple miles from where i actually am... hopefully they continue to update and give an accurate location, but im glad they at least gave me SOMETHING rather than not finding...
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    is my phone broke :(

    I can't hear out of the speaker any more it just started today. Can't hear on calls or voicemails. I can only communicate through speakerphone. Should i try a restore? I DO modify.... If that matters. Someone help? Im sad :(
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    Can Iget one question straight?

    I use an older iTunes where I can still mod my iPhone.. Apple is introducing new versions of iTunes that wont allow you to mod, but have more features, which is good. Down the line, lets say I want to update my iTunes to get new features, does this mean i will never be able to mod again? or...
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    suggestion for 'DOCK' application

    I really do love this program but just a couple things bother me about it. First of all, i think the app should be disabled when another program is loaded, it should only be able to be used when its on the summerboard/springboard. For example, when Im looking at pictures, to delete it, the...
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    SNES emulator?

    Is this possible? or not at all? SNES released a lot more RPGs than NES, and rpgs are the most playable roms on a touch screen i believe lol.
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    Can't change wallpaper/dock!

    I don't know why, when i change wallpaper, it doesn't apply, same with dock. whats wrong =\
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    Can't swap dock images!

    I use my dock swap ap, pick a new dock image, and go back to home screen, refresh, and it doesn't change it. I try to uninstall my dock swap but says there is an error 'error during uninstall scrip execution!'
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    how to upload NES Roms

    I got the NES application, how can i put roms on it so I can play the games. I know where I can download roms, just don't know where to save them in order for my phone to read them. The message says: "No NES ROMs were found. Please upload ROMs to /var/root/Media/ROMs/NES"
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    problem with rSBT software

    I put the rSBT software on my phone so I could customize the way my main screen looked a little more, and i wanted to make some things hidden including the icon for rSBT, and I don't know how to access the program now. I uninstalled it and re-installed it, cannot find it?
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    how to get apps on iPhone?

    i saw in the modifying thread that you need to install certin apps using the Installer. how do i access this installer and get these programs and features on my phone