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  1. chris5468

    The iPhone 4 Picture Thread!

    My chinchilla and his eye infection.
  2. chris5468

    Win the iPhone 4

    This is my brother LJ. Umm so I hope I win! I know he's not a pet, but sometimes he acts like one soo yeah lol Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  3. chris5468

    I have 4.0 (GM) What's new?

    Lol that would actually be funny Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  4. chris5468

    I have 4.0 (GM) What's new?

    Dang I thought I cropped the address out:( Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  5. chris5468

    I have 4.0 (GM) What's new?

    I got a forwarded text of the ups shipping info from my mom on these shoes she ordered for me. So I copied the text and pasted it in the notes app. Then I tried to copy the tracking number itself but it wouldn't let me instead I clicked on it and am option came up saying "track shipment" so I...
  6. chris5468

    WWDC '10 Coverage

    Micro sim!
  7. chris5468

    Beta 5 or Golden Master

    Don't get me excited
  8. chris5468

    Beta 5 or Golden Master

    I really want a beta tonight!
  9. chris5468

    iPhone Headphone Jack?

    Try a different pair of headphones!
  10. chris5468

    iPhone beta 4.0

    I installed it on windows vista. But I ran a operating system workstation that ran Mac os x and it was all completely free :)
  11. chris5468

    Incoming number r not showing my contacts name

    I've never heard of that happening. Try goggling the problem my friend
  12. chris5468

    OS 4.0; Thoughts for 3GS users? Discuss.

    Well this is beta software of course the battery life is gonna suck!
  13. chris5468

    Beta 3 Features & Bugs

    You know it would be nice if they added a separate password for the messages app. Some of my friends say they want to play a game or just make a phone call but then when they were done they'd find the need to look at my text messages.
  14. chris5468

    Beta 3 Features & Bugs

    Ahh yes you are right
  15. chris5468

    Beta 3 Features & Bugs

    I just found this little feature. I don't know if it was on beta2 because I stayed on beta 1 until they fixed the camera but it's new to me it's like the spell check with more options kinda
  16. chris5468

    Flash Never coming to iPhone (external link)

    The only way you can have flash on the iPhone is if it's jailbroken
  17. chris5468

    4.0 Features

    I don't know how to change how many pages I have :(
  18. chris5468

    iPhone OS 4.0 keeps restarting.

    This is why I'm scared to try the beta:( I think I'm gonna wait until the second one is released
  19. chris5468

    Already Registered?

    Yes that is correct but usually they would like to have a payment if they could. But if you're lucky you might find someone that is kind enough to allow you to be registered for free!
  20. chris5468

    When do you think 4.0 Beta 2 will be released?

    Yeah I heard this tuseday too. I hope it will fix that error 13 on windows computers but we will see!