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  1. jptolife

    Using beta 2.. Can I downgrade to beta 1?

    Pretty much what the title says. beta 1 was so good for me but beta 2 is way too buggy. :(
  2. jptolife

    iPhone OS 4.0 keeps restarting.

    Installed the beta this morning and everything worked fine until about one hour ago. The phone keeps restarting unless is in airplane mode. I'm not home and can't restore it right now. I tried resetting network settings and all settings and nothing. Anybody else have the same issue?
  3. jptolife

    Awesome free application switcher.. Kirikae now on Cydia.

    I haven't seen any threads on this so I thought I'd start one. I got it yesterday and I must say it works pretty well, especially if you have backgrounder installed as well. From any application all you have to do is double click the home button and it will bring up all the current running apps...
  4. jptolife

    3GS and Winterboard?

    I'm just wondering if installing Winterboard on my new 3GS will have the same effect it had on the 3G, slowness. Has anyone installed Winterboard and has the speed decreased? On my 3G the whole phone would just get very sluggish and I hated that. Just wondering.
  5. jptolife

    iTunes 8.2 Officially Released.. 3.0 To Follow?

    So Apple has Officially take iTunes 8.2 out of beta and released it to the public. Do you guys think we will be seeing iPhone 3.0 official release soon? LifeHacker
  6. jptolife

    More prove of video recording coming?

    I just updated to iPhone 3.0 beta 2 from a jailbroken 2.2.1. While I was Jailbroken, I filmed a couple of videos with Cycorder. Well, apparently those videos stayed on my iPhone even after I restored, but I can see why because I restored from backup using iTunes. Anyways, I connected my iPhone...
  7. jptolife

    MMS icon in Messages app not there anymore.

    I updated to 3.0 Beta 2 today and at the beginning it was present but not anymore. Does anyone have the same problem and is there a fix for this? This is just weird.
  8. jptolife

    Updating apps issue..

    Searched and couldn't find a solution to this problem. Hoping someone can help me. So every time there is a new update in the app store, I can't just update the app. When I try to, the icon of the app being update just hangs on "Installing" and the progress bar doesn't move. I have to...
  9. jptolife

    Google street view coming and other features.
  10. jptolife

    Having an issue with Cydia

    So as updates come available I update the apps but they still appear as if I haven't. Even when I go to my springboard, the badge shows the number of apps that I already updated but look like I didn't. Whats up with this?
  11. jptolife

    Run apps in the background - New app on Cydia.

    Backgrounder came available this morning on cydia and it allows you to run apps in the background very well. I have tried Beejive so far and it WORKS! I'm so exited about this app. Go try it out!:laugh2::laugh2:
  12. jptolife

    Apps taking long to open.

    Has anyone experience this? My apps take a long time to open. Sometimes I want to go to the settings and I have to wait like 10 seconds for it to open and it can get very annoying. Anybody know why this might be happening?
  13. jptolife

    'Star Wars: Force Unleashed' for iPhone Now Available

    I have to say I will wait for reviews of this app, but it looks good.
  14. jptolife

    Neo Keys Keyboard Theme.

    Anybody try this? It looks awesome. I have one complaint and it is that the capital letter button, when pressed, has a dark square around it. Now I don't know if that's just mine but is kinda annoying.
  15. jptolife

    iTunes not backing up my iPhone.

    So I jailbroke my iPhone 3G 2.1 FW and now whenever I connect it to iTunes is not making backups as it usually would. It syncs everything, apps, music, photos, etc, it just won't make the back up. Any help? Can it be the mobileinstallation file? Also, at the end of every sync it tells me that...
  16. jptolife

    Got iPhone wet, Everything works but..

    Is there a chance that it will start acting up later this week or the next? I just read somewhere that it might happen. I heated it up and everything works(Mic, speaker, screen, light) Absolutely everything works. Should I take it back to Apple now before it starts doing funny stuff?
  17. jptolife

    Anybody agree with the lawsuit?

    I mean yeah, 3G on the iPhone is faster than EDGE but when compared to the ads Apple made there is a big difference in speeds, real speeds are not nearly as close as they made them to be. I find that to be very annoying. When you look at the ad, pages load like if they were using something...
  18. jptolife

    Apple Seeds iPhone 2.1 Firmware with GPS Features

    Just found this, hope this comes out soon and fixes all the bugs.
  19. jptolife

    Pictures geolocation

    What's the point? When do you use this? I know that when I go to take a picture it asks me if I want to be located but what is the use? When can you see a pic and where it was taken?
  20. jptolife

    Current AT&T user question.

    So I used to have an iPhone but do not anymore. I still have my AT&T sim card in another phone. So what will happen when I go to get a 3g iPhone. Do I have to pay more than the price of the iPhone I'm getting or what. This is really confusing. Anyone know?