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  1. mad_vtak

    2.0 is live! That's right. If you've been dying for a round of Super Monkey Ball, now's your chance. The firmware is available only through a direct link, not iTunes, so if you want it, follow the read link to sweet, succulent 2.0 paradise...
  2. mad_vtak

    SCAMMER alert over at MBWorld

    For those who like to read, there has been a long long thread going on at The scammer is close to getting caught. Enjoy Feel free to sign up and show some love and help out if you can...
  3. mad_vtak

    Search contacts comming soon

    March 6 introduced exchange support, details about the new AppStore and of course the SDK. Except one thing that that wasn’t talked about. In every screen exchange was talked about, you could see that in the top right of the contacts list there was a little spotlight icon there, right above the...
  4. mad_vtak

    Live from Apple's iPhone SDK press conference for anyone wanting to be kept informed.
  5. mad_vtak

    Kill the iPhone buzz (gsm interference) Everyone can thank me later :tounge:
  6. mad_vtak

    Grand Central Invites

    I have some if you would like one I has 7
  7. mad_vtak

    Sorry but i searched for atleast an hour

    There was person who posted their ring tones that created. and when you d/l them it will go straight to the ringtones section in i tunes. I found it once before. But not no more. Has it been deleted? any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  8. mad_vtak

    Will you be getting the 16 gig iPhone

    Or are you satisfied with your 8 gig iPhone?
  9. mad_vtak

    GSM noises

    Has any one notice this some times? I hear the little noises and then look over the phone and see it woke up some how but with no txt,phone call, or email. Any way i can eliminate those little noises? Thanks EIC
  10. mad_vtak

    Taking your iPhone to the GYM

    Hey guys! Ive searched the forum and couldn't find an answer to my question. I go to the gym and work out and what not, i usually bring either my ipod video or nano. Well now i have a iPhone and i would like to nkow if any of you guys bring your iPhone with you to the gym and what case do you...
  11. mad_vtak

    Cap for head set jack

    Do you think some one should make cap to cover up the headset jack? It would be useful seeing that you can get some dirt down there when its in you pocket. I would spend $20 for one. What do you think peoples
  12. mad_vtak

    Area Code = State

    Will they have any update that will allow the iPhone to show you what state you are calling. I think it is a pretty neat function other phones are able to do.
  13. mad_vtak

    Just got it :)

    just a quick question for you iPhone veterans. Would you recommend that i drain my battery once a month? I keep it on the charge if in not out. I keep it on the dock at home and keep it tethered my cy computer at work. Thanks guys. :back to lurking: