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    Beta 4 Features & Bugs

    So far from the devforums, I am seeing that there is an option to set up tethering on AT&T, more backgrounds, toggle to turn on off group messaging, and overall performance improvements. And the clock, calculator, compass, and voice memo apps by default are in a folder named Utilities.
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    Beta 4 8A274b is out!

    Late release but it's out. Go find some links or grab it from your dev account
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    Beta 3 Features & Bugs

    So far a huge feature has been added to the app switcher popup menu, now to the left there are ipod controls, ipod app, and a portrait lock. The app switcher and folders have a new backgound which is much cleaner than the old one. Also you are now not stuck with closing apps separately, once...
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    4.0 OS beta 3 (8A260b) is out

    Just released available at the dev center for download.
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    Beta 2 (8A248c) is out!

    4.0 Beta 2 has been released and will work on windows but requires some work for that. Here are the full how to upgrade notes, it appears you are asked to do a restore and then choose your backup to restore from: